Data show: BETI based on Ethereum's token index is better than BTC in 2019

In the past few weeks, Bitcoin has become increasingly dominant in the crypto-asset market, and 127 of the 165 cryptocurrencies have experienced negative returns during the past month's rise in bitcoin prices. But the tokens built on the Ethereum are much better. The Bletchley Ethereum Token Index (BETI), based on the Ethancoin, has been rising. In fact, this year it has outperformed the BTC. BETI creates an index based on the type of risk investors want to obtain from the crypto-asset market. This is a weighted index, meaning that tokens with a higher market value (excluding ETH) account for a larger proportion of the index and are at the end of each month. Rebalance. TRX and BNB currently account for more than half of the BETI-weighted index. These two tokens performed particularly well this year, and their volatility has had a huge impact on BETI's profitability. But it's worth noting that BNB and TRX have released their own blockchain, and the currency chain and Tron are direct competitors of Ethereum. Therefore, the relative success of BETI this year may simply be because Ethereum is the platform of choice for launching new tokens at specific points in time. In the other index, the Bletchley Ethereum Token Even Index (all ERC-20 tokens are weighted average), the Ethereum token actually fell nearly 16% against BTC this year.