BitMEX is taking steps to upgrade the platform to solve the overload problem

BitMEX posted a blog post on Thursday that outlines a massive reform of its trading structure. The company said its platform capacity has increased by 70% and acknowledged that there is more work to be done. Informed sources said that BitMEX will suspend the development of all new products until its overload problem is completely resolved. It is reported that the overload problem has caused a small competitor Deribit to eat into the huge market share of BitMEX. For investors, the failure or even delay in ordering means that they missed the opportunity to open a position at the price they wished, resulting in a loss of profits. In response to this daily setback, some professional traders are reducing their trades on BitMEX and switching to Deribit, the latecomer to the derivatives market. Deribit also confirmed that it is experiencing a large influx of users.