Li Xiaolai: No more angel investment, theoretically no way to withdraw from the currency circle

On May 25, Li Xiaolai issued a public statement on its WeChat public account: 1. Li Xiaolai could not theoretically withdraw from the currency circle; 2. Li Xiaolai will not “stand the platform” for any project; 3. Li Xiaolai will not participate in any public blockchain. Related meetings; 4. Li Xiaolai will not register in any new blockchain media or community; 5. Li Xiaolai must use PressOne signature in connection with the blockchain; 6. I will definitely name the project that Li Xiaolai owns. 7. Li Xiaolai no longer makes any angel investment. Regardless of the field, within the blockchain or outside the blockchain, I no longer make angel investments. In this field, my personal ability has come to an end, so I can only give up.