Market Analysis: BTC oscillates in a narrow range, with the possibility of further adjustments

The price of BTC fluctuated within a narrow range from $7,950 to $8050. On the daily chart, the Bollinger band gap is condensing, and the price has further plans to continue to adjust. The MACD forms a dead fork above the 0-axis, but the high-volume shipment does not appear. Big changes.

STOCH is glued on the 80 horizontal line, and the price is about to reverse. The operation idea is still dominated by high and low volatility, but in the callback and long time, the light warehouse brings back the stop loss, and a wave of downside will occur in the next day. Callback; support $7,950, $7,800, resistance $8,200, $8,100.

ETH received the cross star yesterday, and the trend has been suppressed at 255 US dollars. It is difficult to form a better breakthrough. We believe that if the price cannot rise to 255 US dollars in the short term, it may fall back to around 230 US dollars.

On the daily chart, the MACD has a tendency to bow on the 0 axis. The price may fall. The STOCH indicator is above the 50 level. The trend is still up, so it will still be a shock, with a resistance of 255 USD. Dollar.

The trend of XRP is getting lower and lower, and the amount of energy is also weak. The daily MACD continues to maintain its output. The price is difficult to pick up in the short term. I have said before that the price will continue to adjust downwards at 0.4 USD. It is also currently showing that XRP is difficult to break through.

Next, if you can stand at $0.38, you still expect to adjust to the return. If you fall below the $0.38 trend, you will fall directly to around $0.35. For the time being, the shock will fall below the key support and see the downside, supporting $0.38 and resistance of $0.4.

LTC still maintains an upward offensive, but the offensive slows down. There must be a strong amount of pressure to join the resistance to break the upper resistance to reach a new high. The daily indicator is also a upward-looking gesture, but not enough to break the current price. Resistance, so we need to continue to wait patiently, and continue to focus on the callback, and each callback is the time for us to enter the market.

The trend before BCH was very good, but it was severely suppressed by the resistance above, which once caused the price to fall back.

If you can't stand at $415 for a period of time, it will cause a deep drop. The daily indicator will go down. The following behaviors are the main behaviors of today. The callback can be followed up with an empty order, with a resistance of 415 dollars and a support of 395 dollars.

Although EOS broke through yesterday, the final result is a small amount of callbacks. The current trend is still a good upward trend. If EOS has sufficient kinetic energy, the trend is likely to exceed 7 dollars.

The market outlook can also look forward to the performance of EOS. The trend has been adjusted back to the upward movement. The resistance is supplemented by the bearish, with resistance of 6.5 US dollars and support of 6.25 US dollars.

The mainstream currency has been introduced to everyone. In recent days, most of the mainstream currency can be relatively small. Except for some others, some will be in a small fluctuation.