Jiang Bo: The lack of national policies may further restrict the further widespread application of blockchain

According to the financial community, on May 25, at the 2019 Tsinghua Wudaokou Global Financial Forum Insurance Night, Jiang Bo, director of the intermediary supervision department of the Bank of China Insurance Supervision and Administration Commission, said that the blockchain has moved from this concept to the previous years. It is still a very emerging frontier concept, and now a very broad space has been used. At the same time, it also faces the difficulties of reality. The blockchain technology is based on the consensus mechanism formed by such a distributed network. It has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, transparency, data not tampering and autonomy. Its space application is very broad. However, at present, a puzzle is a part of the elements of its legal basis is still relatively lacking, so the lack of national policies may also have restrictions on the further widespread application of blockchain.