Zhou Yanli: Internet insurance should use technology such as blockchain to promote insurance product service innovation and poverty alleviation

According to China Fortune Network, on May 25, at the Insurance Night of the World Trade Forum of Wudaokou, Tsinghua University, Zhou Yanli, deputy secretary and vice chairman of the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission, said that China’s current financial market structure, financial concepts, innovative capabilities, Service levels are not yet fully compliant with the requirements of high quality economic development. Internet insurance should effectively implement the shortcomings related to financial needs and traditional financial services around the real economy, improve the weak links in key areas such as private enterprises, small and micro enterprises, agriculture, rural areas, and poverty alleviation, through product services and insurance innovation, especially in insurance. In the field of science and technology, through the methods of distributed accounting, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the insurance product service innovation is promoted to help the poor, and the road to insurance technology development with Chinese characteristics is created.