Lu Jinsheng, CEO of Lujin Holdings: Technology companies and traditional finance can establish the identity recognition of qualified investors in the blockchain

According to China Fortune Network, on May 26, at the “2019 Tsinghua Wudaokou Global Financial Forum”, Lu Jinsheng, CEO of Lujin, said that technology has brought convenience, optimized costs and improved efficiency in the past five years. . If we now consider blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., it will bring huge changes to the front, middle and back of the entire financial bank in the next five years. He also pointed out that the combination of traditional advantages and efficiency will increase the market's inclusiveness. One of the opportunities for cooperation is to jointly establish a new platform. “Technology companies and traditional finance can establish the identity of an open and qualified investor in the blockchain. Once the customer does it, the blockchain is his passport. Where does he go? The identity is clear, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency."