Media: Facebook's GlobalCoin ruins all the advantages of cryptocurrencies

In response to "Facebook plans to launch cryptocurrency GlobalCoin in 2020", Crypto Briefing issued a statement saying that GlobalCoin ruined the advantages of cryptocurrency: 1. Facebook plans to launch GlobalCoin through WhatsApp in certain regions, which have reached certain regulatory compliance expectations. , or include sharing a large amount of personal information with different authorities. However, trading licenses may be difficult to obtain approval in India and China. 2. There is no license for cryptocurrencies, but GlobalCoin is likely to have a series of licenses only if certain conditions (most importantly nationality) are met, even including sharing personal data privacy, and some countries may also restrict the use of GlobalCoin transactions. Group. 3. GlobalCoin lacks decentralization features. Without decentralized node networks, there is no hash rate competition to ensure the security and integrity of the entire blockchain. This will be a 100% Facebook-approved business that is fully integrated into WhatsApp.