The game between the institution and the individual, the difference in the concept of profit determines the personal outcome


Let's briefly talk about the overall market situation: Bitcoin continues to fluctuate within a range, and repeated and infinitely ups and downs have washed away a lot of unsatisfied speculative chips, and the four-hour Bollinger band has begun to shrink and it is a very good consolidation phenomenon.

It is almost certain that the recent shocks have caused many people to stop and watch, and the weight of the car has been effectively reduced.

Most of the institutions that carry out capital operations have their own gold fathers, that is, the core investors who inject funds. Most investors with large funds are not focusing on the target rate of return ten times as much as ordinary retail investors, but on the premise of ensuring the safety of their own funds.

Note that in many capital-operated institutions, principal security is always the first.

Therefore, the organization has its own strategy when it comes to capital operation, either a strict machine strategy or a strict manual stop-loss strategy. The KPI pressure of weekly, monthly and annual deaths determines that their operation is the "wall grass" logic. How to make money, how to avoid retracement, and try to eat every volatility gain.

It is almost certain that the organization's rigorous operational strategy allows them to safely evade large risks, but at the same time allows them to “evade” large market conditions.

This is not a subjective operational problem, it is a mathematical probability problem.

Traders who have been in the currency for a certain number of years will find that most of the main rising waves are extremely sudden. In the 15 minutes, the K-level big Yang column is pulled up, and then there are countless cases in the week.

365 days a year, probably only 20 days is really a violent pull. If you miss the 10 days of pull because of the opposite short-term operation or the short position, then your probability of gaining has not run long-term investors.

If the main force is willing to pull the plate, it will not easily let ordinary people get on the bus, because it is tantamount to increasing the cost of their own pull.

Professional traders and institutions have their own strict strategies and sufficient time trading, so intensive short-term is one of their survival strategies.

And ordinary people don't need to do frequent shorts because most people don't make a living from trading, and they don't have the ability to make short-term profitability.

Institutional harvesting retailers are based on short-term games, and retail harvesting agencies are based on long-term games.

The currency crosses the bull and bear and maximizes the return.

You want to try it?


Market analysis

The following analysis data are from Huobi

Bitcoin BTC:

Recently, the sideways volatility is not large, and it continues to fluctuate in the 7800~8000 US dollars, and the squatting will be quickly recovered. The probability of follow-up is also the main rising wave.


Bollinger is closing, the market is waiting for certain opportunities, and the average price of chips is close, which is a good thing.


The view remains the same: the long-line attitude is supported by spot buying and has been solidly rising. It’s a new height.


Don't guess and guess the bottom line. In this disorderly market, huge fluctuations occur frequently and the direction is unpredictable. If the technology analyzes that a certain position can be done or shorted, there will be a thinking inertia to form a brand of thought, and it is easy to make a highly leveraged stud. Even the master will become a leek.

In fact, the big Yangxian line in April and May this year has established a bull market, and the running of funds can push the price of the currency so rapidly.

The short-term increase is too large, it is indeed necessary to carry out wide-ranging shocks to clear the float. For some long-term investors and institutions, the current price level is not very attractive. If you are washed off the car, you may be able to pick up the price at a high price.

Let us look at the historical logarithmic K-line of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is accelerating due to the increase in the market value of the currency. The callback is an opportunity for jiacang. A systemic callback that may occur in the third quarter will be valuable, with the only cheap chip buying opportunity in the second half of the year.

Q: Why is Bitcoin going to rise all the time?

A: Low market value, high liquidity, concealment, security, non-tampering, and inability to centralize control. It can be speculative to make money, value storage, and represents the future of blockchain technology. Bitcoin must go up, and the long line must rise .



Litecoin LTC:

Yangzhu has given a clear signal, and does not need to continue to look at the depth adjustment, nor can it be bearish.


The Bollinger Band is close to the opening and the Bitcoin will be at a new high as long as the consolidation is over.

The Litecoin has been sorted out for more than a month and a half, and the high level is determined to have been completed. If the position is top, then it has already been lowered.


Control the leverage, do more properly, prevent sudden falls, and keep positions in the position.

Although the halving of the Litecoin has basically been fulfilled, it can still be expected to be a wave of speculation in July and August. After all, many people do not know that the benefits of Litecoin have been largely realized.


After the adjustment is completed, it will continue to rise.

Ethereum ETH:

Linking Bitcoin, doing Bollinger’s closing and consolidating, it’s still a new high.


The high level of the $250 line has been consolidating, and the market for Ethereum is not over yet.

The weekly level MA7 has already passed through the MA30, and the annual level of the main rising wave has just begun. It is a buying opportunity to fall back to the MA7.

The market will not repeat the opportunity. Wanting to get cheap chips requires the market to panic completely, and the current environment cannot simply ignite the emergence of panic. Therefore, buying Ethereum in batches will be a good operational strategy.

Plunging is a chance to increase positions, long-term ideas are established, short-term avoidance of frequent operations, easy to wash yourself off the car, not worth the candle.



Grapefruit EOS:

The long line has been rising, and the small step is followed by the upside, and the market is not over yet.


Currently in medium intensity, waiting for the bitcoin's charge signal.


In June, there is a high probability of speculation and a wave of upswing, which can be expected. Buy properly on dips and still link Bitcoin.


You can do more with the trend line nearby.



Bitcoin Cash BCH:

Rising relays, bitcoin cash has always been such a violent dishwashing, don't be washed off easily.


Not much to say, you can buy, buy in batches, the lower the more you buy.

External funds are injected into Bitcoin cash. Once the money-making effect occurs, the mining union buys mining machines to mine and form positive feedback. In the case of a constant amount of coins, the balance can only be achieved by the rise in the price of the currency.


Bitcoin cash still has a lot of room to rise before the end of the flood season. Therefore, the general direction is still to look at multi-bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin are actually very close, and the leveraged version of Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin. In June, both brothers will have a high probability of simultaneous overshoot and complete a new high.

Ripple XRP :

Linking Bitcoin, the previous 30% increase needs to be repaired. Nothing to say, this coin was said to be a stable currency before, and now it is good to link the market.

There is no chaos, there is no way to use the technical side to analyze, only the ambush and so on.


Platform currency HT, OKB, BNB:

BNB and HT have a new high, and OKB has also pulled up. The rise of the platform currency can be said to be one of the bull market signals. Even if it is the last rush, there is still a certain profit space behind it. The sky is already above the sky. Let's look at the operation.

Everyone should continue to learn in the operation and improve their cognitive ability and feeling ability on the disk. Pay more attention to investment risks, properly participate in transactions within your controllable scope, and be responsible for your own transactions.


I will talk about it today, we will see you tomorrow~!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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