The Gmail account applied for by the Baltimore City Government official is disabled and plans to purchase a Google business account.

The Baltimore City Council has been stagnant since May 7 due to a bitcoin ransomware attack and refusal to pay about 13 bitcoins. In order to work during the ransomware attack, the Baltimore City Council created a Gmail account, but recently Google banned it as a business account rather than a personal account. Mayor spokesman James Bentley pointed out that Baltimore plans to buy a business plan from Google in order to restore the account. City Council President Brandon Scott added that at the same time, his staff is appealing to Google for bans, although he has not been told the issue. A spokeswoman for the Baltimore Health Department said she could see the old mail she received but could not send or receive new mail. According to her, there is no reason to inform the account that it is disabled. Earlier, the Baltimore City Council was attacked by the "Robbinhood" ransomware, and the new mayor insisted that the city would not pay about 13 bitcoins required by the attackers.