Roge Ver accuses Tone Vays of cheating and losing the bet

On May 25, former Morgan Chase trader Tone Vays provided evidence on Twitter that he had completed the transaction in accordance with Roge Ver's request, which was completed within about 10 hours, and proved that he had obtained the previous bet. Victory. In this regard, Roge Ver accused him of cheating and losing his bet in the video. First, Ver noticed that the transaction was not completed in one day and added that it took 10 hours to be included in the block. Second, he explained that Tone's trading is the “highest priority” in the entire ecosystem (the higher the transaction cost, the higher the priority) and is caused by the embedding of the Slush Pool. Remarks: On May 24th, at the AI& blockchain summit in Malta, Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver insisted that BTC's current average transaction cost is $3 per transaction, while BCH's transaction costs are less than one cent. Better than BTC. Tone Vays pointed out that it is misleading to claim that BTC's average transaction cost per transaction is $3. So Ver bet $10,000, and Vays couldn't send a $5 BTC deal to him for a one-cent transaction at a time.