BM: There are many ideas for using EOS as a two-tier solution

On May 27th, community members discussed the efficiency and cost of using Bitcoin and EOS transfers in the telegraph group. BM participated in the discussion and the general content is as follows. 1. If Bitcoin rises to $100,000, then B1 will be one of the biggest beneficiaries; 2. Members ask why they don't use 140,000 bitcoins to buy EOS? BM responded that we already have $660 million worth of EOS (100 million EOS). 3. Do you have any ideas for extending BTC with EOS as a Layer 2 solution? BM: A lot of ideas; 4. Members mentioned Telegram's TON blockchain white paper mentioning many EOS and DPOS, and claiming that DPOS is not suitable for fast cross-chain communication and fragmentation (sharding is a kind of fragmentation for blockchain expansion) technology). BM: Then they actually don't understand anything.