Ali announced that it will introduce blockchain technology for counterfeiting

Recently, Alibaba Group Platform Management Department announced that it will introduce blockchain technology to upgrade its intellectual property protection system. Ali Xizhi, the director of intellectual property protection, said, “Using the openness, transparency, and inability to modify the blockchain, Ali is upgrading the filing of intellectual property rights. In September this year, blockchain technology will take the lead in Ali used in the original protection plan, and gradually expanded to the field of digital copyright protection such as pictures, audio and video. It is understood that this upgrade, Ali platform management department introduced the financial class commercial blockchain technology of Ant Financial Group. Li Xihan pointed out that with the application of blockchain technology, intellectual property protection will break through the platform restrictions. Electronic deposits from global brands, with the help of the Ali Intellectual Property Protection Platform ("IPP Platform"), directly link to the Internet Court through the blockchain, providing a basis for litigation rights protection. It is reported that on the Ali platform, more than 30 million new products and 1.5 billion stocks of goods are served by Alibaba's intellectual property protection system every day. The application of blockchain technology will enable the platform to tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises, brands and entrepreneurs. Benefit.