Kevin Kelly: Mirror World is the third digital civilization platform that will require blockchain

On May 27th, the high-end dialogue on the theme of “blockchain – the cornerstone of digital civilization” was held at the Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center. According to the Planet Daily, the founding editor of Wired magazine and the author of “Out of Control” Kevin· Kelly gave a speech on the theme of "Digital Twins Mirror World". He said, "The future world is a virtual plus real world. We hope to transform the entire real world into a digital society. In the mirror world of 'digital twins', we can interact with tools. To ensure The credibility and authenticity of the uploaded data, we hope that the data is decentralized, so we need to use blockchain technology.” He also said that the augmented reality world is the future direction of development, “we hope this will be a The continuous activity will not be blocked. I hope this is a distributed form. Uploading the cloud, the technology is decentralized, and the underlying technology is the blockchain." He also said: "In order to ensure that it is not tampering and credible, we need blockchain technology, and the blockchain can be real-time technology, in fact, it is also a financial asset. Each object can be tagged. Moving the chair is also moving the asset. In the immersive virtual world, there are many financial operations and commercial interests, and this requires a blockchain."