Hong Yining: Nakamoto is a person, not a team.

On May 27th, Hong Yanning, the former director of the Block Research Institute of Jinqiu District, said that why is Nakamoto a person rather than a team: 1. A team must be completely anonymous, which is much more difficult than one person. Everyone has different technical abilities and personality habits. It is always inevitable that some people will not be able to disclose secrets, especially under the huge interests. Of course this is not absolute. 2. From the white papers of Bitcoin, the code and the speeches expressed by Nakamoto, the language style is the same, and the personal image of Nakamoto can be clearly marked, and the work is the same. Personally completed. If there is another person in the team, what does TA do? Running errands or water? If there is such a person, Nakamoto does not need to recruit Martii Malmi. 3. Nakamoto's personal image: proficient in cryptography, knowing programming but no engineering experience, understanding economic principles, profound understanding of human nature, no academic training, willing to write but not long-formed, enthusiastic but impatient, dare to innovate but Timid. Such people are not scarce and have the ability to design and program bitcoin on their own. If there is no need to increase the entity, there is absolutely no need to assume that this is a team. Remarks: Previously, Jiang Zaller sent Weibo to say that Ao Ben Cong is just a clown, and it is basically impossible to be a member of the Nakamoto team.