Market Analysis: Reproduction of BTC extortion, market collective movement

In the early morning of May 26, 2019, the easy-to-use car server was continuously attacked, which had a serious impact on users' use. The attacker asked for huge amounts of bitcoin, and the attack caused the core data to be encrypted. The server crashed. We mentioned in the early morning yesterday that the BTC volume continued to shrink and will soon be ushered in. The current market environment seems to be changing. There is no reason to fall. In the early hours of the morning, there was a collective change in the market. The bulls have won the short position. The recent short positions are very bad. Now it is a long-term dominant market.


BTC quickly pulled the disk in the early morning, and the currency frame quickly rose above $8,300. As we mentioned earlier, the breakthrough of the standard 8300 will open a new uptrend. From the daily level, the target trend is upward, and the bullish possession Absolute advantage, the next target is around $9200-9300, falling below the 15-minute uptrend line and going back to $8300.


ETH followed the BTC with a wave of rise, has now hit a pressure of 260 US dollars, the next target is around 300 US dollars, fell below 260 US dollars, personally think that the target will return to explore $ 250.


XRP followed the market and rose sharply. Yesterday, the 5 antenna and 10 antenna were pulled upwards. The macd indicator has a tendency to form a duck mouth. This is a typical attack form, but it lacks a certain amount of energy. I think the target is Will continue to oscillate upwards, at least will hit a new high of rebound, once again fell below 5 antennas to leave.


BCH yesterday's Yangxian line changed the dead fork of the macd indicator. Now there is a tendency for the duck to open its mouth. The target has already stood at $425. We think the target may rise to around $506. If it falls below $425 again, Further look back at the neckline of the M head near $350, and break below that point to wait and see.


LTC has hit a new high since the rebound, and the moving average system has been ranked long. The trend continues upwards. Pay attention to the pressure of 110 US dollars on the top. This position has not yet been broken through, and it is defensive and falls below $85 to wait and see.


EOS once again came to the vicinity of the high, the average line is long, the strong features are obvious, the macd indicator is diverging upwards, the ducks open their mouths, or lack of volume, the shock up to 8 dollars, good defense, fell below 5 antennas to wait and see.


BNB is really strong. Yesterday's big Yinxian has been reversed. We have said many times before. The increase of the target depends entirely on the greed of the inside. How much greed will rise, and the time is huge. At that time, the market will come to an end, or if you effectively fall below 5 antennas, you should also pay attention to lightening the position. At present, there is no huge amount of outlets that we have mentioned, and there is no effective fall below 5 antennas.

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