Zhang Jian returns: using technology to promote the company's evolution to the community

In May of a year ago, FCoin entered the trading market with a “transaction-mining” model and quickly swept the industry. However, due to the shortcomings of the model, from the high light to the "quiet", FCoin only took a few months. However, FCoin is not really silent. Since the beginning of this year, FCoin has continued to exert its efforts in community-based, and has successively launched “sustainable mining”, new income distribution plans and “financial mining”. As the price of FT rebounds, investors seem to have heard the horn of FCoin's return.

On May 24th, the FT team teamed up with the Consensus Lab to release the FT public chain and ecology in Hong Kong, and the horn of FCoin officially blew. After a long time, FCoin founder Zhang Jian made another public appearance and officially released the FT public chain. He said that the FT public chain is based on the innovative CB-DPos consensus mechanism, supporting one-click distribution of native assets and supporting complex assets of protocol assets and sub-assets. In terms of equity distribution, the FT public chain allocates 80% of the accounting fee to the Token issuer and the contract issuer. Zhang Jian announced that the test network will be launched on June 6, and the main network switch will start on June 16. At the same time, the FT community also co-sponsored the establishment of a 10,000-element FT eco-fund with the Consensus Laboratory.


FCoin founder Zhang Jian

After experiencing the ups and downs of FCoin, Zhang Jian with a smile at the press conference, revealing the indifference after the storm, and the little jokes from time to time in the speech made the atmosphere of the entire venue very relaxed. The cheers and applause of the members of the participating community also confirmed the words of Zhang Jian in the speech: "I am not alone." along the way, Zhang Jian bears the unbearable pressure of ordinary people, but the fullness is full of firm beliefs. Zhang Jian believes that FCoin's ultimate mission is to use technology to defend the rights of everyone, use technology to promote the company's evolution to the community, and use technology to get everyone to get the incentives they deserve.

FCoin's release of the FT public chain also raises the question: The current mainstream exchanges are doing public chains, so what about the trading business and the public chain? Meng Yan, vice president of CSDN, said at the roundtable forum on the spot that the conclusion that the public chain is larger than the exchange itself is not a problem, but why such a clear conclusion is worthy of consideration for many people is worth considering. The reason is that the exchange is still the most profitable business so far, with a clear profit model. The reason for this is mainly because our digital currency has not developed in the field of payment . Another missing point is borrowing . The various ecology of these currencies, or various forms, are still lacking in our current system or system, and they are lacking very much. When there is circulation in those two positions, and gradually this mechanism matures, everyone will think that it is an operating system of our entire society, and the exchange is only one of the important modules, but it is a pillar module. Liang Jieyang, chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association, said that the exchange should be a temporary means and should not be an end. The final purpose must be the public chain . He believes that under the best economic and social structure in the future, the exchange will not exist at all.


FT public chain and ecological presentation round table: from left to right, Shang Silin, Liang Jieyang, Meng Yan, Ren Yi, Zuo Changbai and Jiao Feng

For FCoin, for Zhang Jian, we have too many questions about the consensus lab investing in FCoin. After the press conference, Babbitt and other media interviewed FCD founder Zhang Jian and consensus lab founder Wang Feng.

Q1: The community is composed of people. There are always contradictions between people and people. Do you think that an organization like a community is an efficient organization?

Zhang Jian : Although we really want to be efficient, this is definitely not the purpose of the community. The community has two words: consensus . What is efficiency? It is a team, it is top-down, absolutely obedient, and must be developed today. The purpose of the community is not like this. The purpose of the community is that if you don't have a broad consensus, you can't push it because the community is organized by people, and this person is your core user.

Q2: Is the current state of community development beyond your expectations?

Zhang Jian : Far beyond the imagination. Crossing the river by feeling the stones, I don’t know what the front is. Everyone knows that we are going to be community-based, and this road has really gone through. Although we can’t say that we have succeeded, this meeting is a sign. Seeing the enthusiasm of our community users and the cohesiveness of the community, this is far more than other communities. I don't mean that we don't have confidence in the community, but we are very confident. It's just that at what node, what state is completely invisible, it is step by step, so the best way to predict the future is to It was created.

Q3: The current sustainable “mining” may be an improvement of the original version. It is not a model innovation. Will there be a breakthrough in this model in the future? Or do you firmly believe that the basic model of "mining mining" will definitely lead to a successful road?

Zhang Jian : I believe this is a road to success. The mechanism will be upgraded and will be updated, but if you think that the trading ie mining mode 2.0 and 1.0 does not change much in nature, I think it may be possible to keep this in the future, because I have always believed that this model will succeed. Before our sustainable mining referendum, there was a small debate in our society. Do you want to mine or not? Isn’t the word mining really good? I said that I would prove for the word mining that the blockchain is mining, what is wrong with digging? This is the first. Second, we have problems with the mechanism at the time. It does not mean that our direction is wrong. It is possible that your direction is correct. If you have no experience, you will take a detour.

In fact, I think the change is very big, because the wool party is unlikely to wait for the FT lock after a year to cash out. People who don’t have faith, get it today, and cash out tomorrow. So every ecology is like this. When we launched FCoin in the early days, we didn't find that the biggest problem was the wool party. Many incentives failed because you didn't give incentives to real people. Q4: Why is FCoin not IEO?

Zhang Jian : Yes, to tell the truth, I really said that we will not consider IEO, but I personally have no prejudice. Why? I don't have anything new about IEO. Last year, FT also tried similar things. I don't think he is sustainable. In fact, this problem is not in the mechanism at all. The problem is that there is no value in the things you listed. IEO is a framework. It is useless to endorse things that have no value. Because there is no value in itself, value cannot be created out of nothing.

Q5: FCoin experienced a very dramatic development process last year. What have you experienced personally?

Zhang Jian : There is not a lot of history of blood and tears. They are all normal. This world is like this. The road is always tortuous. The future is always bright. It is impossible to reverse the words. So I think that there is nothing in this, the key is to rely on what is up to now. I am relying on my initial heart and my public heart. Communityization is sure to defeat the traditional corporate organization represented by private interests.

Q6: What role do you play in FCoin now?

Zhang Jian: I hope that it is best not to play a role in the future. But now, no, because now the community needs faith, I will play for everyone is to strengthen the role of faith, I tell where the target is. In fact, when the consensus is strong enough, it is not important whether or not I am so flagged.

Q7: The FT community is decentralized, but I heard that you have a “one-vote veto”. Can you explain this right?

Zhang Jian : Actually, there is a misunderstanding in this matter. The veto power is basically not used. But the exercise of this right will always have a constant premise: to protect this platform and to guard the bottom line of this platform. You know that collective decision-making can't be completely correct, you may not see the other side, it is still very important. If I am not there, I may hand it over to a responsible person as the swordsman of the FT community. Don't worry too much about a vote veto, he only has the veto power. We will very clearly stipulate that this person with veto power can only exercise his rights because of security issues.

Q8: Wang Feng, why does the consensus lab invest tens of millions in FCoin? In fact, the market is still a bear market at that time?

Wang Feng : I think the two points are the first. I am optimistic about the blockchain . I am optimistic about the future of digital currency. We need to find a good platform business, or a good supportive business. We will participate and develop together. The second is to say that Zhang Jian is a person I believe in recognizing a person, his business opportunities and individuals. From the perspective of our past investment, he has entrepreneurial temperament and entrepreneurial energy. I think we still look at one person, see one thing, and see an opportunity, so I think that time and timing are a good thing for us.

Q9: The FT public chain has the characteristics of original assets, agreement assets, etc. Many retail investors do not understand, so how to attract them?

Zhang Jian : I have experienced the hard work of this year. At least I want to make it clear. You don’t think about how to take the user. You first think about how to serve the current users, or let the people who believe in you first. Those who can continue to believe in you and are willing to stay here will continue to stay. I think the ultimate competition of a business or a business organization is the competition of values. You have a big banner, you may need a long time, you may not be so fast, but once they come in, they must become your users, become owners and they are not willing to leave. Therefore, I would rather have this thing sustainable, and I am not willing to make a big ups and downs. This is really a matter of our heart. I would rather develop slowly. I am not willing to go up and down. A platform, we do not talk about price, the credibility of this platform needs your long-term stability as a guarantee, and finally can accumulate real value.