Kevin Kelly: At present, Bitcoin is useless except for investment.

On May 27th, the high-end dialogue on the theme of “blockchain – the cornerstone of digital civilization” was held at the Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center. At the invitation of the Expo Organizing Committee, Wang Feng, the founder of Mars Finance, hosted a round-table dialogue and shared his thoughts and insights on the blockchain with experts such as Kevin Kelly, the author of Out of Control. Kevin Kelly said that in theory, bitcoin is very interesting. In terms of potential, it can do some payment applications, it will become the object of wealth storage, and now it seems that bitcoin is more like speculative tools. "Compared with other digital currencies, it does not solve specific problems. To make the blockchain useful, its verification innovation needs a lot of development and let people use it. I have not seen this phenomenon yet." He added. However, it is impossible until Bitcoin prices stop volatility. At present, Bitcoin has no other use than investment. However, Kevin Kelly also said that he is not an expert in blockchain.