Luo Mei, Tsinghua University: Blockchain is a sentence, a consensus mechanism under a distributed network

On May 27th, at the 2019 China International Big Data Industry Expo "blockchain" in the round-table dialogue, Professor Luo Mei from the Finance Department of Tsinghua University said that the blockchain is a sentence, a consensus mechanism under a distributed network. She pointed out that "this sentence has implied that the future blockchain application is in three aspects. First, distributed. How to build this distributed, who will participate, who's network, who can get credit cost reduction in the network The so-called alliance chain is a large application of distributed. How to establish a specific application in the alliance is a specific scenario, but it is a distributed design; second, the consensus mechanism. What kind of application scenarios should be the participants? Set up your own governance mechanism, and then let everyone get synergy, everyone agrees how to jointly maintain the books; third, combine the two together, how to establish a distributed system to get everyone's approval of incentives. Luo Mei said that the future explosive growth The place must be a place where the distributed system and the consensus mechanism are very well combined. However, if the distribution is well done and the consensus mechanism is well done, it is very difficult. It must be the combination of the industrial Internet and the digital Internet.