Kevin Kelly: The blockchain concept is overheated, and Bitcoin is hard to come by before prices stop to fluctuate.

On May 27th, a high-end dialogue on the theme of “blockchain – the cornerstone of digital civilization” was held in Guiyang. In the round-table dialogue of "blockchain – the cornerstone of digital civilization", Kevin Kelly, the first editor and editor of Wired magazine, said: "I think the blockchain is still a superheated concept. The infrastructure is under construction, but it does not mean that the blockchain will succeed in the future. The cryptocurrency shifts people's attention to the blockchain. The blockchain is more important than the cryptocurrency, but few people talk about it. If the blockchain is successful, it will be integrated into our lives and become accustomed to it. After 20 years, no one has discussed the blockchain, and the blockchain has become very boring, like 'electricity'. Before bitcoin prices stopped undulating Bitcoin can't really be a currency, it's hard to come in handy."