For a long time, do you have a complete bitcoin?

In the past month, the rise of Bitcoin has made people unable to catch up. There have been a series of explanations in the market explaining the wave of the market, and the speculative mood is generally optimistic.

As market sentiment shifts and bitcoin adoption rates increase, for many people, 2019 may be the last year to get a full bitcoin at a low cost.

If you know that you only have a few months or a few weeks to buy a complete bitcoin, what do you do?

Bitcoin will rise faster than expected?

PayPal's board member Wences Casares once said: "If bitcoin really succeeds, the value of a bitcoin in the next 7 to 10 years may exceed $1 million."

(The above figures do not include changes in the supply of Bitcoin circulation)

After ten years, Bitcoin has proven the durability and reliability of the network, and Bitcoin will continue these features every day in the future.

For investors in the market, if Bitcoin is not “overvalued”, there is no attraction in buying Bitcoin , but when Bitcoin falls sharply, everyone is less interested in buying it. This was proven in 2017, when the price skyrocketed, the market reaction was close to madness.

On December 16, 2017, the market value of Bitcoin reached $326 billion. This means achieving a goal of $1 trillion and a record high of at least three times the historical market value. If this is the case, the price of Bitcoin must be at least 7 times more (in terms of $8,000).

(Note: The picture was produced in mid-May 2019)

As can be seen from the above figure, bitcoin is now too small compared to traditional assets. As bitcoin becomes more popular, especially as technology continues to evolve and become more popular, it is not very difficult to achieve a price break of $100,000 in the next few years.

Bitcoin advantage

Everyone may have heard of a saying: try to buy bitcoin instead of altcoin, especially if the funds are limited.

Many people in the password circle also have the idea that they will consider buying a cottage currency after buying a complete bitcoin for the following reasons:

1. Bitcoin is halved every four years, and each halving is a catalyst for price;

2. The total amount of bitcoin is 21 million, of which 84% has been dug up, and nearly 4 million are lost;

3. Bitcoin is the largest and longest-lived cryptocurrency, and there is no mention of security and stability;

4. Bitcoin has always dominated history and currently accounts for more than 56% of the market value of the entire encryption market;

5. The trend of Bitcoin has a great impact on the price fluctuation of the altcoin;

6, Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, with the most adequate liquidity, so novices may prefer Bitcoin to enter the market.

At present, the price of Bitcoin is 8,000 US dollars. Although it is unrealistic to say that everyone can have a complete bitcoin, it is still possible to reach this milestone if it is slowly accumulated from now on.

Here is a reminder not to blindly buy a complete bitcoin directly before confirming your risk tolerance .

Bitcoin is ready to take a bigger step

As the market picks up, Bitcoin's trading volume and liquidity are also rising. In addition, Bitcoin's computing power is recovering and is on the rise. The increase in computing power is important for a number of reasons:

  • Representing the participation of miners is high and may have more confidence in the future of the market;
  • Higher computing power indicates enhanced network security
  • Increase in computing power is usually a precursor to price increases

(Bitcoin's hash rate over the past two years)

At last

In fact, no matter what type of digital currency you invest in, Bitcoin should account for a significant proportion of your portfolio. Although for most ordinary people, it is impossible to have a complete bitcoin before buying a cottage. (It also depends on each individual's personal goals, for example, using the method of sacrificing altcoin to accumulate more bitcoin.)

In the big bull market, many altcoins return more than bitcoin, but high-yield and high-risk , you have to admit that buying these altcoins is much more risky than buying bitcoin alone – look at the 2018 market As you know, the first thing the bear market is dying is the altcoin.

Before the market began to restart the crazy mode of 2017, the fear of missing and causing crazy purchases may reappear. Unfortunately, it is too late to get a complete bitcoin at a lower price and at an affordable risk.

(Original source: Medium; compiled: Martha card; source: block wave)