Li Guanyu, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the development of blockchain and accelerate integration with the real economy

On May 27, at the China International Big Data Industry Expo in 2019, Li Guanyu, deputy director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that the development of blockchain will accelerate the integration with the real economy and establish a digital economy and industrial ecology. It is important to help the high-quality development of the digital economy and improve the level of government official services. As an industry management department, we will also use Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide to promote the research of blockchain-related industries, technology research and development and application promotion. Release the value of the blockchain and promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry. First, in-depth study of the development trend of blockchain technology, pay close attention to the dynamics of international development frontier, deeply analyze the impact of blockchain on economic and social development, cooperate with relevant departments, promote the establishment of a sound industry supervision mechanism, and accurately grasp the blockchain technology innovation and industry. The balance between regulation. Standardize the behavior of blockchain industry and create good development behavior. The second is to speed up the construction of core technology capabilities in the blockchain, encourage key enterprises to increase research and development efforts, and accelerate the breakthrough of core technologies such as smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms. Improve blockchain performance efficiency and security. Establish and improve the synergy mechanism of key enterprises, institutions of higher learning and research institutions, promote the construction of blockchain Kaiyuan community, and explore new paths for innovation and development. The third is to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship in the blockchain field, continue to hold development competitions through blockchain, select solutions, encourage blockchain enterprises and user units to carry out cross-border integration, enrich industry applications, encourage key enterprises to develop related services, and support industries. The upstream and downstream of the chain, collaborative creation, and create an organizational platform. The fourth is to establish and improve the blockchain standard system. On the one hand, it accelerated the establishment of the National Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Committee. With group standards and alliance standards as the entry point, we will accelerate the development and promotion of key standards. Gradually build a sound standard system. On the other hand, it actively promotes the substantive participation of international organizations such as ITU and ISO, and more participates in international standardization work.