May 27 madman market analysis: heroes in the chaos, objective and rational respect for the market

May 27 madman market analysis: heroes in the chaos, objective and rational respect for the market

From the perspective of the main force, if the market is built at 8200, it will not give investors so many opportunities to solve the problem. If you stand directly on 10,000, it will entice more investors to enter, and then complete it. This round of market seems to be more reasonable, no matter how much the top is, the market volume will break through the platform and will often be inertial, so don't short at this position anyway, hold the bottom warehouse and wait for the second bottom.


Still not hitting a new high in this round of rebound, it is relatively weak in the mainstream currency. The main reason is that the ICO has not risen again. The overall value output of the small currency is not enough. ETH is difficult to continue upward, and the weak linkage is the main.


Today, a small amount of heavy volume, compared with the previous period of continuous increase, the amount can still be small, but the main force did not deliberately pressure the plate, let it move upwards, so the overall situation is still linked, it is relatively difficult to outspore.


The rebound hit a new high, and once again heavy volume, has completed the goal of 110 strong pressure, 110 is equivalent to the position of bitcoin 6300, so the overall loss of bitcoin, although the increase is greater than bitcoin, but the risk and return ratio Far less than Bitcoin, so this round of the leader is still bitcoin, LTC is expected to continue to hit a new high with the bit.


Today, it has also hit a new high in this round of rebounds, but the overall magnitude and quantity are not very large. It is a market driven by the sentiment of retail investors. The market outlook is still linked to the market and will not go out of the independent trend.

Platform currency:

Today, BNB has not re-invigorated again. OKB has not followed the rise, while ham is a weak linkage. The big money does not have much to do with the platform currency. It is also not clear enough for the long-term expectation in the future. .


The premium is getting smaller and smaller. This signal is very dazzling when it rises. No matter how the market rises, it is a capital-driven market. Since the USDT premium continues to weaken, we should always pay attention to risks, not brainless pursuits. The market will also go out of the new high, but we must also pay attention to the staged callback risk after the new high.

Most of the small coins do not win the mainstream currency, some small demon coins continue to rise, everyone can operate on the 5th line, the big funds are still focused on the mainstream, so we still take the main currency speculation as the main.

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