The data shows that nine large transactions occurred on the Bitcoin network last weekend, with a transaction volume of over $236 million.

According to monitoring, last weekend, nine large transactions occurred on the Bitcoin network, with a transaction volume exceeding 27,029 bitcoins (worth $236 million). Although most transactions were conducted between unmarked wallets, there was a huge deal that caught the attention, with a single transfer of 15,000 BTCs (approximately $199 million) between the two wallets. In addition, one (1500 BTC, valued at $20 million) flowed into the Bitfinex exchange. Some analysts say that these transactions affect the encryption market and may be manipulating the bitcoin market. However, it is difficult to confirm that these transactions have led to a surge in bitcoin prices, in part because most Bitcoins have not entered the exchange. But it is clear that the nine transactions have caused prices to soar by 10% is a huge danger signal.