5.27 Market Analysis: Bitcoin accelerates the upside, how will the follow-up market develop?

When everyone felt that it would fall, the market re-emerged, especially Bitcoin hit a new high, and all the chips that were stuck below were eaten, which also indicates the intensity of this willingness to pull.

Buying coins now, you still have to buy good and stimulating coins, such as LTC, EOS and other currencies have hit a new high, EOS will once again challenge the high of 8 dollars. But many people complained to me that this time they were washed away and they caught up with the wave.

In fact, investment has never relied on forecasting the market, and predicting the subsequent asset allocation is the foundation for success. For example, this time you only need to keep a good position, although the profit is less, but you can drink soup. Therefore, when to grasp the rhythm, do a good job, unless the extreme circumstances, or not empty or full, especially in this bull market.

The following analysis of the next market trend from the perspective of technical analysis.

Bitcoin has a big Yangxian line that has broken through the high point of the rebound. The pull-up will definitely continue, but the callback will come at any time. The more you call back, the more you should be happy. On the one hand, the callback will remove the obstacles of advancement; on the other hand, it will be very cost-effective for you to find cheap chips.

From the point of view of indicators, it began to move toward strength again, laying the foundation for the attack of 10,000 US dollars.

The upside of the heavy volume, the light on the foot line, the price touched the Bollinger online track, the average line attacked the whole line; the MACD's DIF began to rise, the green column appeared, KDJ also began to strengthen, RSI once again entered the overbought zone, the buyer's strength . Pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more currency recommendations.

From the indicator point of view, Bitcoin will definitely attack 10,000 US dollars again, but the callback will come at any time. I predict that it will continue to attack tomorrow, but it may fall back and start to accumulate another impact of 10,000 US dollars. When everyone is excited, you need to be alert to the black swan, and there may be unexpected endings.

This wave of ETH is relatively weak, mainly because 1CO has not risen again and its value has not been fully recognized. However, with the advent of the bull market, I believe that the rising potential of ETH will also be discovered. It is a good latent currency. It is also a matter of time to break through the rebound high point.

ETH's pursuit of the Olympics, in the upward trend, the price trend is very stable, the price is above the average and Bollinger Middle Track, MACD's DIF began to attack from the new, the green column began to grow, RSI returned to the overbought interval, the buyer's power began Return; KDJ also began the form of gold fork.

On the whole, it is a good latent currency that can be involved in the callback phase.

EOS has shown very good toughness under the stimulation of good, the price is on the hormone attack, the index has become very strong, and it is much stronger than ETH, and it has hit a rebound high. Mainly the control panel is doing well, after all, a few people control most of the currency.

MACD began to change from weak to strong, KDJ gold fork form, RSI also stepped into the overbought zone, the price rushed to Brin's upper rail, stronger than Bitcoin, and may hit a new high.

On the whole, the market is expected to continue to strengthen, pay attention to the highs and fall back tomorrow, and timely reduce the position in the high stage, you can wait for the callback to enter the market. But be wary of the black swan. When everyone starts to excite, the black swan often appears, the contract is done as little as possible, and it is easy to be accidentally fired.

This article data source: QKL123

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