He Baohong, Director of China’s Xintong Institute Yunda Institute: There are some difficulties in the combination of public chain and real economy.

On May 28th, the Blockchain Technology Development Forum (GBF) with the theme of “Technology Innovation and Integration” was held at the Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center. He Baohong, director of the China Institute of Information and Communication, said that there are some difficulties in the combination of the public chain and the real economy: 1. Identity adaptation problem, the public chain itself lacks identity authentication, and it is difficult to interface with the real entity; 2. Business adaptation problem, smart contract Less privacy, relying on formal programming language, difficult to deal with fuzzy or open contracts, difficult to adapt to the commercial contract environment; 3. Data adaptation problem, "Oracle Mechanism" mechanism is imperfect, chain data chain The authenticity of the mechanism needs to be endorsed; 4. The problem of legal adaptation, the actual economic activities are carried out under the protection of a series of laws such as the Contract Law and the Company Law, and the current public chain technical structure and design are difficult. In accordance with the law, the contract carried by the public chain also lacks the validity of the law. “The application of the public chain industry is still under exploration. The “killer” application outside the currency has not yet appeared; the public chain is mainly in the field of cryptocurrency, but the application attempts in other fields are increasing rapidly.”