Market analysis: the new high is the turning point, the small currency fills the market

A talk currency:

BTC soared and broke through a new high, the small currency did not move, the USDT price began to fall and weakened, and Akong thought that the new price would be weakly adjusted after the new high, and the two-day small currency would increase and rise, and the flowers would bloom.

Akong talked about USDT to fight hormones yesterday. Every time the USDT circulation increased greatly, the market would rise sharply. In the first two days, USDT once again exceeded RMB 100 million. There were many large transfers, and BTC directly rose through the triangle convergence trend. The price will skyrocket and plummet.

At present, the BTC has skyrocketed, so is it plunging back? Akong believes that the market will turn around and make a weak position in the past two days.

The following picture is the USDT circulation and BTC chart sent by Akong yesterday. You will find that when the USDT circulation increases greatly, the corresponding BTC price will hit a new high in the days when it hits a new high. The new high is the turning point.

However, the BTC head does not mean that the market will directly fall and weaken. Other mainstream currencies and small coins will make short-term upswings in a few days.

In the picture below, the red line is the trend of BTC, and the yellow box corresponds to several new highs. After three days of BTC hitting a new high, there are mainstream currencies and small coins.

Most of the currencies will skyrocket, which means that there will be a good small currency ups and downs around 6.1 days.

Akong feels that the best operation at present is to choose the varieties of small coins in these two days, and wait until two days to make up the market.

For the BTC trend market top, it is aimed at the CME this batch of short positions, the end of the long and short battle, the USDT withdraws funds, the market will do the top into the deep callback.

However, it is worth noting that Akong feels that instead of doing futures operations, it is better to focus on the spot. In the past two days, Akong has talked about the independent market of small coins.

BTC will not rise up forever, but once the coins are released, the price may never come back.


Facebook coin rumors that GlobalCoin has been exposed in a large amount, which has a positive effect on the price of the currency.

The continuous reduction of the price of the currency has broken through, and the strength of the increase has weakened. Once it breaks through the new high again, it will quickly drop back. Only a stable $8526 can be used to make a new long market.

Akong believes that the price of the currency needs to be further explored back to the support level, and the operation will reduce the position and wait for the bottom.

Next BTC bottomed out at $8526.

Resistance levels: 8793, 8850, 9053

Support level: 8526, 8332, 8220


Today, BM has been blacked out in the telegraph group. Someone asked if he would abandon the EOS project and start a new stove. Can he say that it is like STEEM?

Akong feels that from the current situation, BM is still advancing the EOS ecosystem and can wait for the long-awaited update of 6.1 days.

The price of the currency is also very strong relative to other mainstream currencies. After breaking the new high, the needle is flat, as long as it does not fall below 6.59, it will continue the bullish trend.

Akong believes that EOS needs to step back on the support below, and operate on the rallies to wait for the short-term to further bottom.

Next EOS shocked to the bottom of 6.75 US dollars.

Resistance level: 6.96, 7.12, 7.53

Support level: 6.75, 6.59, 5.48


The price of the currency has shrunk, but it has not broken the previous high, indicating that the bullish willingness is not strong and needs further adjustment.

The $258.5 below is the position of the long neckline. As long as there is no heavy volume falling below $258.5, it will continue to rebound.

Akong believes that ETH is generally biased towards the weak, and the operation is mainly to lighten up the warehouse, waiting for the mainstream currency to bottom out.

Next, ETH shocked to the bottom of $260.8.

Resistance level: 268.5, 274.8, 280.2

Support level: 260.8, 258.5, 254.3


The price of the currency remained weak. Before the Air, I talked about the independent market of XRP. Every time the project cashes in cash, there will be a short-term independent market every two weeks, which corresponds to the closing of the small currency at the end of the month.

Akong believes that the short-term trend of XRP can be focused on these two days, waiting for the bottom to buy for ambush operations.

The operation can be high and low, waiting for the price of the currency to further bottom.

Next XRP was shocked at $0.397.

Resistance level: 0.413, 0.419, 0.425

Support level: 0.397, 0.391, 0.385


In recent days, LTC has taken the lead in pulling up and leading the mainstream currency market, but it is worth noting that the amount of energy has not been amplified simultaneously.

Akong believes that the LTC shrinks and rises to a new high. It needs to step back on the support level. Only when it stabilizes at $109.2, can it rise again.

The operation can be high and low, waiting for the LTC bottoming time.

Next, LTC stabilized at $109.2.

Resistance levels: 114.3, 117.3, 119.5

Support level: 109.2, 108.2, 106.5


The price of the currency is accompanied by short-term fluctuations in the BSV, the head is weak, the apex is lowered, and there is no new high trend. In the case that the quantity can continue to weaken, further exploration is needed.

Akong believes that the BCH amplitude is weakening, is testing the bottom support level, and standing below the $419.5 to do long operations.

In operation, the company will lighten up and wait for further bottoming.

Next BCH went down to $419.5.

Resistance level: 436.5, 450.4, 457.3

Support level: 419.5, 413.2, 403.5

Today, Akong is also chatting with friends. Many friends are joking that this is not a fish market. This is a whale market. The fish tail is too long and too long.

Why is this round of market everyone shouting the risk, including the reason that Ahkong shouted the top before, because the time and intensity of this round of BTC pull-up is unprecedented.

From the beginning of February to the present, the BTC has risen from $3,000 to $9,000. There has not been a weekly correction in the weekly level. It has been rising for three consecutive months. It is impossible to look at historical data.

In the end, it will be a double bottoming, or a straight up to a new high, and it may only be a correct answer in the future.

Since BTC has been continuously rising, then the next step is to make money. Akong feels that regardless of BTC's rise and fall, the small currency will appear independent.

BTC's re-emergence is equivalent to rushing to the top, and major news reports will bring great attention and new funds.

This time, the BTC started from 4,200 US dollars, which is the combination of several large independent accounts to raise the BTC currency price. Compared with last year, the project party cashed in the legal currency. After the BTC price fell, most of the funds lacked the money-making effect, and they also ran to the small coins. Independent market.

Therefore, Akong feels that stepping into the BTC is not a thing worth regretting, because in terms of the current BTC volume, it is ok to want BTC to make a big profit, and it is very difficult to get rich on BTC.

However, once the currency market starts, it may be vacant forever. You must know that most of the small coins are still 80% down from the apex. In the 17-year halving market, the price of the weaker coins has reached a new high. I feel that I can pay more attention to the independent market of small coins.

Author: God empty block chain