Telegram blockchain network TON intends to use fragmentation and launch four roles

According to recent media reports, Telegram intends to deploy fragmentation technology for its 300 million users to expand transactions between users. TON will have a main chain and a fragmentation chain, each of which is a blockchain, allowing other The shards communicate, the shard chain will communicate with each other using Hypercube routes, the TON has a virtual machine that can manipulate data between shards, and all TON data will be associated with each other. In addition, TON has assigned four roles: certifier, coordinator, nominee and fisherman. The fisherman's studio "captures" the certifier's previously published block containing invalid transactions. If these transactions are invalidated by a certain number of certifiers, the certifier who issued the invalid transaction will be punished and the fishermen will be rewarded. This design is designed to encourage certifiers to act in accordance with the interests of the network and only issue valid transactions.