DApp evaluation, wilderness, gold mining: a massively multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game

If you come to a vast expanse of vast land and spread gold in this rich land, how do you start from scratch and use various mineral resources to mine gold, build equipment, expand houses, and gradually build yourself? Kingdom? Think about it a little exciting! Recently, I discovered that a new game on EOS can achieve all of the above game experiences.

The English name of this game is PROSPECTORS, also known as wilderness gold. According to its official white paper, Wilderness Gold Rush is the first large-scale online real-time economic strategy game on EOS with real economic and trade relations. The game world truly reproduces the era of primitive capital accumulation in the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. This kind of game scene setting sounds really makes many people interested in this game.

At present, the game has entered the public beta stage. Under the test stage, the player has 1 million initial gold coins (game coins), which can be used for renting land and purchasing tool materials. It is understood that the game will be launched on June 26th EOS main network (buy gold ticket can enter the game three days earlier than others), will be open to all users at the end of June. This article will be based on the public beta version of the detailed gameplay introduction, I hope to help everyone.

First, the game introduction

The overall style of the game is unique, somewhat similar to European style, and the design is more sophisticated. You can log in using the Google account or Facebook account during the beta period. After logging in, it is recommended to create an EOS test account directly. This account is only used for game beta testing. It is safer and reminds everyone to copy the private key (the private key must be used to log in to the game).


(1) The role of workers

After entering the game, I can get three workers. I don't look good, but I can work. They can mine, build, transport supplies, etc., and they can work for other bosses to earn some gold coins. Each worker has a backpack for carrying tools, materials and resources, and workers can exchange goods on the same plot (the plot is a land unit). Here you need to remind everyone that you must exchange workers' goods on your own plot. Because there is a very friendly setting in the game: when the worker pulls out the item from the backpack, the item is automatically stored in the warehouse of the land where it is located. If the piece is rented by someone else, then the item is owned. Will be transferred to the owner of the plot, equivalent to white delivery! You can pay attention.


(2) Lease land

With the workers, you can start the mining journey. In the early stage of the game, the player needs to rent the land to obtain the right to use the land. The rent of a land is 90,000 gold/month. Only after the rent is paid can the building be built on the land (only one can be built) or mined. Minerals, storage materials, etc. It should be noted that the land does not belong to anyone. Any player can use the land by leasing and need to renew the lease in time, otherwise the land will be confiscated.

There may be gold, iron ore, clay, coal, stone, wood and other resources in each plot. The specific resources that need to be surveyed by workers are required. Some plots do not need to be surveyed, all resources are known, some are partially known, and surveys are needed. Unknown resource. The survey does not consume gold coins, and the amount of resources in all parcels is determined at the time of the survey and recorded on the blockchain.


Since the resources are randomly distributed on the map, the quantity is not the same. Therefore, if you want to rent a good land with rich resources, you need to be quick and decisive. Before renting the plot, you need to let your workers move to the plot first. It takes 1 minute for the worker to move 1 meter. Therefore, it is best to send the nearest worker to rush to occupy a pit, so as not to miss the good plot.

Players can rent a number of plots, but personally recommend that plots need not be much, but should choose the number of resources, the variety of plots, the distance between the plots should not be too far to shorten the time for workers to carry goods.

(3) Mining resources and manufacturing tools

In terms of mining resources, the maximum time that each worker can mine at a time is 300 minutes. Different resources are mined at different speeds. Mining with specific tools can effectively increase the mining speed. Therefore, when you have various resources, you can create tools according to your own needs.

Manufacturing tools require raw materials, so raw materials should also be manufactured first. For example, the manufacturing tool “gold pan” requires two pieces of raw materials “iron plate” and “steel block”. “iron plate” and “steel block” require iron ore, coal, clay and other resources for production. In addition, some tools can't be done by hand. For example, a gold pan needs a hammer or a heavy hammer to make it. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and materials to make a gold pan. It is precisely because of the different functions and different manufacturing conditions of various tools that the gameplay of the whole game is more complicated and the game playability is also increased.



In the later stage, there are enough materials, tools and manpower to build the building. Different buildings have different functions. Since the construction of a building requires a lot of manpower and material resources, players should be careful to avoid "unfinished projects."

(4) Employment, trading

In addition to completing the work of mining resources, making tools, etc., you can hire other workers to help speed up efficiency, but you need to pay a certain fee. The method of hiring is to issue a work announcement, and the corresponding work time and salary should be specified in the announcement. In the “All Work” section, you can see the employment announcements of all the players in the game. Similarly, we can accept other players' work tasks and earn commissions in the employment market.


In addition, the game also provides a trading market, players can freely buy and sell all kinds of resources, materials, tools and so on. However, there is a very unfriendly game setting! That is, after the player successfully purchases the item in the market, the item is not automatically transferred to the worker's backpack or his own warehouse. In order to obtain the purchased item, the player must transfer his or her worker to the parcel where the purchase is made and transport it according to the weight/quantity of the goods. In other words, it takes time to retrieve the purchased items. Therefore, it is recommended that the players pay attention to the location of the seller's location when purchasing the goods, avoiding the rushing of the water to pick up the goods, wasting time and energy, and knowing the game. In time, time is money!

Second, try to experience

In this game, the player's economic strategy, business mind and adventure spirit are spelled out. At the beginning, this is just a kingdom with a simple economy. With the continuous influx of gold-plating players, it will rapidly develop into a complex economic relationship. Players are no longer limited to mining gold, but more resources competition and market competition. .

Experienced and intelligent players will soon be able to dominate one party, monopolize all kinds of minerals and market trade. Just as the real society generally wins the fittest, the strong is rich and the weak is poor. Of course, ordinary players can also "settle in peace and contentment", quietly work in their own small world, and enjoy everything that nature gives, the so-called contentment. Overall, the gameplay is fun. Compared to other simple game DAPPs, there are already many breakthroughs, and the mechanism is more complicated and more attractive.

Of course, there are also some shortcomings. For this game, the individual has the following views:

1 For some of the unfriendly game settings mentioned above, the developer may be able to think about optimizing the improvement method, or give corresponding warnings during the player's operation, causing the player to pay attention;

2 Workers are not allowed to perform other operations while performing tasks , including canceling tasks that are being performed. This personally feels that it is not very rigorous. Once there is a misoperation, the player can't cancel the task. He can only wait for the completion of the task of the worker before proceeding to the next step, which will undoubtedly reduce the work efficiency;

3 According to its official white paper, “The player can transfer his lease right in the land to other players”, but this function is not available in the beta version. Once the land is successfully leased, it cannot be transferred. I hope that the official version will be available later. This feature is online;

4 As mentioned by other players , the lack of player leaderboards, gold coin leaderboards, etc. in the game, the player can not know the overall situation of the game, may be improved; in addition, for possible game plug-ins, a large number of wool parties, etc. Developers should also prepare preventive measures and solutions in advance;

5 Finally, the game is in the early stage, the whole social system is still not perfect, and the imbalance between supply and demand is more serious . For example, the labor force in the employment market is seriously insufficient, and many orders are not answered at all; the important items in the market are in short supply, and the price is too high. Wait. Of course, this is also the inevitable way of social development. Later, as more players enter the market, the market can slowly get on the right track, and the social economic system in the game can be more perfect.

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