2 hours of brainstorming, ant experts and more than 40 CEOs' exchange essences, here are the ants ant blockchain contest Chengdu Road Show, hot collection

“The era of blockchain commercialization is accelerating,” said Li Jieli, head of the ant BaaS blockchain, in front of 40 logistics and supply chain companies across the country.

On May 22nd, the “2019 Blockchain Application Benchmarking Enterprise China Bank (Hangzhou Station)” event, 40 logistics and supply chain enterprises from all over the country entered the Ant Financial Service Headquarters and listened to the technology of the ant blockchain. And the application introduction, sharing their experience in the exploration of the blockchain. In this four-hour closed-door meeting, there are no gorgeous PPTs, no retouched speeches, some simple communication, sincere sincerity, and the urgency of embracing the blockchain.

Blockchain commercial era

Li Jieli, senior director of Ant Science and Innovation Technology Department, has just participated in the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum . He is deeply impressed. He said that “the real application of blockchain landing has become a global consensus . ”


In fact, Ant Financial has also been using the blockchain to do something valuable to the industry and society. In the past two years, the ant blockchain has matured cases in the areas of justice, commodity traceability, cross-border remittance, and supply chain finance.

Entering 2019, Li Jieli believes that the industrial opportunities of the blockchain are at the B end. "We think that from this year's perspective, different industries in the B-side use the alliance chain to innovate, which should be the stage of rapid development of the blockchain this year ."

Based on this, the ant blockchain has invested more than 200 engineers and developed the bottom blockchain platform , the ant blockchain BaaS platform , which is open to different industries and applications. Because the business side develops a blockchain-based application from scratch, it takes at least half a year, and the ant BaaS platform encapsulates the blockchain technology to enable the business to quickly get started in 3-4 weeks, saving development cycles. Focus more on the business itself.

“Openness and innovation” is the value of the ant blockchain. On the one hand, the ant blockchain has increased its technological innovation at the front end, and it is currently the company with the most patent applications in the global blockchain. On the other hand, the ant blockchain opens up technical capabilities and links different industries. To this end, the ant blockchain has also taken a lot of resources to launch the ant blockchain innovation competition. Since January this year, more than 300 companies and projects from all walks of life have been developed on the ant blockchain BaaS platform.

Li Jieli believes that " the era of blockchain commercialization is accelerating. This year, we should see that the case of the alliance chain serving the real economy in different industries is constantly appearing, and it is production-level. It is no longer a verification thing like before. ""

Blockchain is right, and the supply chain financial hard bones

Confirmation of rights is a common pain in the current supply chain finance practitioners. Whether it is the core enterprise, the capital end, or the compliance end, the difficulties faced by everyone are the same.

"We have a big problem, the OEM is very strong, the contract logistics is non-standard, it sets the rules, and the rules of each OEM are different. We have already stepped into a dead end in the upstream right. There is no OEM to give us the right." A boss in the automotive logistics industry complained at the meeting.

This company is well-known in China, and it is conceivable that the problems faced by other small companies are even more difficult.

Xu Xiaopeng, executive deputy general manager of Jiangsu Eastwell, has the same feeling. "We also have strong upstream enterprises that need to be sure of power. Many of them are super-huge central enterprises." "At this time, it is impossible for you to confirm the power. Well, he does not need to confirm his rights, he will use his credit ." Therefore, Jiangsu Eastwell will build a blockchain supply chain financial platform, and when it is right, it will directly borrow the credit of a strong enterprise and will be strong. The contract information of the enterprise is on the chain.


Another blockchain technology company also shared how to apply the rights to strong core companies. The solution is to gradually transform and connect the blockchain platform to the ERP system of the core enterprise . When the data comes, the partner will call the ERP interface of the upstream core enterprise customer, and the blockchain platform will ensure that the data comes in from the ERP of the core enterprise. This is in fact to some extent using the blockchain to provide its data with the ability to increase trust.

Liang Rong, an expert on ant gold clothing products, believes that the fundamental reason for the difficulty of ensuring power is the issue of interest. The blockchain has taken a step forward in solving the problem of determining the right to make power. "On the entire blockchain ecological value network, everyone can share more value . When the core enterprise sees it, he has the motivation. On the other hand, the blockchain does. The cost of the right is much lower , and the core companies are more willing to use it."

2 hours brainstorming, traditional enterprises urgently embrace blockchain

In the next two hours of brainstorming, whether it is doing blockchain or waiting, everyone has a new understanding of the application of blockchain in the real industry. The sharp problems on the spot are frequent, and the ants' gold service experts are more patient.

For example, a company that does a road vehicle transportation solution wants to use the blockchain method to transparently map the trailer's life cycle information, so that all key node users in the alliance chain can obtain more objective information, but in the promotion It is a data security issue.


Ant blockchain experts recommend using hardware to solve data security problems once and for all. The ant blockchain introduces a privacy protection scheme based on TEE hardware protection . This solution is equivalent to putting a "black box" on the server side of the data. As long as the data enters the trusted execution environment of the black box, it is completely secure. And the key to this environment is only owned by its main talent.

I saw the blockchain technology so arrogant, I am willing to open my arms and embrace, I hope that Ant Financial will use the blockchain to help us take a new step .” I heard that the blockchain has such a large application in logistics and supply chain. Later, a veteran of the commercial vehicle logistics site excitedly said.

A logistics company CEO who came from Guangdong had participated in many industry summits. In her opinion, everyone at the meeting is talking about the blockchain, but I don't know if anyone is actually using it. After listening to the seminar, the boss said, " I am very happy to attend the meeting today because I found that the blockchain really has some landing scenes ."

Zhu Dapeng, R&D director of CITIC Wutong Port Supply Chain, is the second contact with the ant blockchain. The last time was the Shanghai Ant Open Day held at the end of March. CITIC Wutong Port is a secondary enterprise of CITIC Group. It has also done a lot of exploration in the blockchain supply chain finance field. Previously, it used the underlying platform based on the superbook. The inconvenience is that the smart contract function is not perfect. After touching the ant blockchain, he found that the smart contract was very smooth and the experience was very good. For the blockchain, Zhu Dapeng feels deeply. " As a value-transferring infrastructure, the more I feel the blockchain is, the technology that really changes the business and the economy. And from the application of the land, it is actually more than before. It is faster to anticipate ."


Logistics is a bitter industry, and it is also an industry that does not seem so technically cool. However, at this four-hour meeting, we saw: the bosses of chemical companies who have worked for more than 20 years, who have live pigs and live chickens , have road transport , and also do railway logistics , and the steel industry. There are also nuclear powers in the backcountry mountains. They travel all the year round and support all aspects of our lives in the corners we can't see. They are all for the pursuit, let the blockchain empower the real industry and make life better!

If you are happy with the blockchain to create a dream of a better society, welcome to join the Ant Ant Block Innovation Competition hosted by Ant Financial, and build a beautiful future based on the blockchain. The contest registration link: https://dc .cloud.alipay.com/index#/blockchain

In addition, on June 6th, Ant Jinfu and Babbitt walked into Chengdu to host the fourth stop of the ant blockchain innovation contest Road Show . At that time, technical experts and user representatives of the ant BaaS platform will introduce the advantages, ecology and application scenarios of the ant blockchain. Event registration link: http://vb.8btc.com/thread-330250-1-1.html

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