Twitter Featured: Performance bottlenecks in the world's largest exchange, the bull market is coming?


CZ called the currency performance bottleneck system performance bottleneck

Due to the recent improvement in the market, CZ once again pushed out the performance bottleneck of the exchange yesterday after the CZ issued a claim that the amount of orders placed on the currency exchange was more than the peak of the bull market in 17 years:

There are some system performance bottlenecks, there are some delays in the transaction, and it is now resolved. There are some delays in the withdrawal of coins, which are also solved, but some (coin) backlogs take 15 minutes to process.

This is the highest time for system traffic.

Fans responded, and one called SharkBiTC commented: "CZ, please upgrade your system to 3 times the current load. We can't let (performance bottleneck) this situation always exist. In the extremely volatile market, this pair of traders very dangerous.

There are also fans who replied: "Transaction traffic = bull market. Hold live!"

02 trader DonALt talks about the price of altcoin

Digital currency analyst and trader DonAlt:

If your altcoin has not fully recovered to the price of the skyrocket ( note: from the following, the price here refers to the position of the altcoin/bitcoin trade before returning to the bitcoin pull ), then it is a Garbage altcoin.

If so, it is a value coin.

I am only interested in value coins and have no interest in junk coins.

By the way, this is why I have been watching a lot of altcoins against the USD. I was wrong when the price of the altcoin was restored. I think the cottage has fallen a lot. But it doesn't matter, because I have been watching the price of the altcoin/USD and I am still making a profit.

Still profitable when making mistakes? I accept it.

( Note: What Donalt wants to express here is that although the price of the aussie he bought for usd is rising and profitable, the price of the altcoin is falling against bitcoin, he bought some “garbage coins”. He made a mistake. )

What I want to say is:

I never buy a digital currency that nobody cares about.

I want the buyer to tell me that they are still alive.

( Note: The picture shows the K-line chart of the eos/btc and nano/btc trading pairs. The former is rising, the latter is falling. DonAlt is meant to show that eos is a value coin, and nano is a garbage coin that nobody cares about. )

Translator's summary: In the current market, if you can't find a "value coin" that can outperform Bitcoin, then you can hold bitcoin and don't hold "junk".

03 media news

1. According to The Block, Coin Security is building a digital currency derivatives platform.

2. According to CoinDesk, Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four, has built a blockchain platform for Blockchain Wine Pte Group to help consumers track the quality, origin and authenticity of wine.

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