PoS Mine HashQuark Announces Joining Wanchain Galaxy Consensus PoS Node Plan

HashQuark (hereinafter referred to as HashQuark), a Staking technology service platform of Hong Kong financial technology company HashKey Group, officially joined the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus PoS node program. HashQuark has been officially connected to the Alpha test of the PoS consensus mechanism independently developed by Wanchain. According to the Wanchain 2019 roadmap, it is expected that the beta test will be released in mid-June and will be officially launched on the main network before the end of the year. HashQuark will provide commencing services for WAN primary currency to institutional users and general users. At the same time, the two sides will give full play to their respective resource advantages and jointly establish long-term and deeper cooperation in the ecological construction of PoS nodes, including pledge derivative services, cross-chain node services, online governance, and popularization of PoS education, enriching the PoS of both parties. Ecological application to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

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About HashQuark

HashQuark is the Staking technology service platform of Hong Kong financial technology company HashKeyGroup. It focuses on PoS, DPoS and other consensus mechanism public links, and has a professional background and experienced technical team. Users do not need any equipment investment, as long as the currency is deposited into the platform account, the HashQuark team will provide users with mining services on a safe, transparent and efficient basis. (https://www.hashquark.io/#/)

About the galaxy consensus

A practical PoS consensus protocol based on a variety of cryptography techniques that can be proved safe, with a complete delegation mechanism and an economic incentive model, is proposed by the Wanwei Chain Consensus Team. The Yellow Book of Galaxy Consensus Technology was officially released on March 31, 2019.

In the Galaxy-Galaxy-Consensus-V1.0, a practical PoS consensus protocol with a complete delegation mechanism is established. Based on the existing consensus agreement, the Wanchain theory team combines multiple cryptography methods for a long time. Independent research and development of research results. And a new delegation mechanism was introduced in the galaxy consensus to complete the proof of concept (POC).

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