Analysis of the madman market on May 28: On the high speed, you will go all the way or change the way.

Analysis of the madman market on May 28: On the high speed, you will go all the way or change the way.

The market is still controlled by the bulls. As long as there is no sharp correction, the profit-taking will not pop up quickly. Therefore, the sideways or shocks are signals of bulls. Once they fall below the 5-day line, no matter what the situation, only the bottom position can be left. .


The linkage has fluctuated, and it has not yet reached a new high in this round. The mainstream currency is only ETH and Ruibo, so you can pay attention to the opportunity to make up.


Ruibo's main force is still in shock state, letting the market speculate. This kind of gameplay is easier for investors to change lanes at high speed. When everyone changes to the fast lane they think, the road ahead of Ruibo is an open area, so You don't have to look at other people to change and follow the urgency, waiting for a while on the road, sometimes the scenery is not bad.


The high position continues to change hands. As long as the market does not fall below the 5-day line, it will be temporarily held. The overall risk is greater than the opportunity. After all, the big funds have already shipped a lot of waves.


Linked to the market, although this wave of upswing has not directly rushed up, we can see that there is not much willingness to call back, and there is still a tendency to fluctuate upwards at a high level. Therefore, after the shock, there is still a chance to get out of the rebounding new high market.


Yesterday, suddenly bursting, people are caught off guard, no matter how to connect the two big Yang Xian, do not chase after the high, the acceleration of the rise will always be the performance of the end of the market.


It is a bad signal to lead the market today. If the bull market terminator continues to start, it should always pay attention to avoiding risks.


The rebound is weak, and the sustainability is open to question. It is not recommended to buy at this position.

The platform currency has a high overall volatility, and the small currency has taken the opportunity to rebound. The market will have a local opportunity with the market, and the platform currency will meet the new high demand. At present, if the platform currency dares to pull a new high, the mainstream The currency will continue to follow upwards, and vice versa.

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