The data shows that BTC has a high level of consolidation, and the number of open orders is on the rise.

According to TokenGazer data, as of 18:00 on May 28, the BTC price was $8720.86, which was consolidating at 8750. The mainstream compliance exchange yesterday's BTC trading volume was about $1177.28MM, down 14.22% from the previous month. BTC's computing power is 54.62E, showing a certain upward trend; in terms of search, Google Trends shows that the current bitcoin search popularity has shown a gradual downward trend; in terms of futures, bitcoin's near-date cargo billing volume has shown a slow recovery in the number of open orders. The trend of single-volume reduction is slow, but from the perspective of overall volume, bearish power is still in a weak position; in terms of relevance, the correlation between BTC and gold is gradually strengthening; the current market value of bitcoin is 56.91. %.