Huada Group Yang Meng: Blockchain technology helps to establish a database of interpretation standards for genetic variation in Chinese population

According to the news of the Central Broadcasting Network, on May 27, the 2019 Expo “Life Big Data Summit Forum” and “The 4th Genome Cloud Computing Technology Developer (GCTA 4) Conference” was held in Guiyang. Based on the importance of genetic research, Yang Meng, deputy director of the Greater Data Center of Huada Group, discussed the help of blockchain technology in the interpretation database of genetic variation in Chinese population. He believes that the establishment of the database must be open, traceable, and non-tamperable. Iterative update, clinical information traceability, compliance with ethical regulations, etc., and the use of blockchain technology can achieve book disclosure, all historical information, trace summary, distributed consensus, private data deposit, fine-grained access control Wait.