New Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) plans to launch transaction relay system Erlay, which will increase bandwidth efficiency by 40% bitcoin

According to ccvalue, the information disclosed by the scientific paper pre-printed website arXiv shows that a new bitcoin transaction relay system, Erlay developers, is discussing with the community and receiving feedback, and is planning to submit a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP). The proposal will enhance Bitcoin's network security against attacks that attempt to learn the origin of the transaction. In addition, as connectivity grows, this relay system can increase bandwidth efficiency by 40% while ensuring that loan usage is constant. It is reported that the main idea of ​​the proposal is not to want each peer to broadcast every transaction, but to send a small number of links (only 8 outgoing connections) directly through a small number of links, by periodically running the set coordination protocol. Implement further relaying. The proposal states that the Erlay protocol must meet four requirements: 1. It must be able to expand well, maintain security and initial performance; 2. The protocol must be unstructured, and routing decisions should be made locally by independent nodes. Helps reduce the likelihood of review; 3. The protocol should have low latency to provide a faster experience for users; 4. The protocol should be as secure as existing protocols to defend against DoS and go anonymous attacks.