Opinion: written on the Bitcoin station for 8888 dollars

There is a saying in the investment community, "How long is the horizontal and how high is the vertical?" This sentence is a classic term for describing the trend of the K-line. Friends who have played the K-line will probably have a picture of a big Yang line, like "the desert." The smoke is straight, and the long river falls into the sun."

And just happened, the trend of Bitcoin in the past few days is confirming the above saying. After a year of squatting, it finally opened the trend of the fast lane and successfully rushed to the high point of the past year on May 28 . 8888 dollars.

What's strange is that this time, I don't see too much multimedia reports, and I don't see Weibo's hot search for "bitcoin skyrocketing". Even the circle of friends has lost a little bit of celebration. But for some old leeks, the arrival of this day, they have been more than a year, and survived another bear market.

In the face of the current market, most people will inevitably ask a question, can Bitcoin rise again?


From the market itself, 2018 is a short-selling advantage. It is a big situation that cannot be countered. Those who have done more are basically cannon fodder. But the shorts can't always have the upper hand. When it fell to December last year, it basically fell. After all, the bitcoin mining machine was sold in pounds, and the market could react with it – it could only bottom out. .

Another question worth pondering is, with the arrival of Bitcoin halving in May 2020, will it confirm the previous “half of the market”? This is a curious thing for all Bitcoin investors and blockchain players. After all, the results of the "magic" will inevitably lead to greater gains.

At the same time, the next halving of Bitcoin will have an important impact. Its inflation rate will drop to around 1.5% . It is important to know that the monetary inflation rate of the mainstream countries in the world is basically higher than 2% . There are even many countries with inflation rates above 5% . That is, every year, the assets of the existing bank naturally depreciate by 5% , even if you have not done anything.

What impact will this have? If two assets are placed in front of each other, one will only issue 1.5% per year, and the other will issue more than 5% or more per year. Which one will rational investors choose?

In addition, macroscopically, subject to the new pattern of the global economic situation, and the uncertain "sweater battle", some safe-haven funds will begin to look for new exports. This is why more and more traditional funds have begun to enter the Bitcoin track. This is a new consensus on Wall Street, which is evident through some news.

Therefore, from the development of the market, Bitcoin itself and the macro situation, the bitcoin currently standing at 8888 US dollars is still on the mountainside, and may even be the bottom of a mountain.

For many players who entered the game in 2017 , it is basically a complete cycle of bulls and bears. This is a very fast rotation compared to the stock market with a rotation period of more than 7 years. For a novice trader, this is a good place to experience trading , after all, 7*24 hours trading.

Although we are talking about the bitcoin belief at this stage, it seems to be somewhat girlish, but for many old amaranth, only the faith that supports them through the first two rounds of bear market.

Of course, for another part of investors, Bitcoin is the creator of wealth. As a good investor, they tend to make good returns from fluctuations. As for whether they have faith or not, participation is the most Good vote.

Perhaps today, many people still can't understand why a series of codes can be fired at such a high price, and even start to go from the mountains to the financial hall. I think this is the biggest charm of Bitcoin, similar to those of 99% of the strugglers. A level transitions to another level in general, which is the state of most people, is a mapping.

This year, I don’t think of the words of Zhou Jintao, the king of the dead period.

"A person over 40 years old, the first chance in life in 2008 , if you buy stocks and houses at that time, your life is very successful. Last life opportunity before 2008 , in 1999 , 40 -year-old caught that There are not many people with chances, so 2008 is the first opportunity. The second chance is in 2019 , the last time in the vicinity of 30 years, you can catch it once you can become a middle class, this is the life of wealth depends on Kangbo reason."

If Bitcoin is also an asset, why not be it this year?