Quietly buy RAM worth 3.3 million EOS, is Block.one really going to be a social network?

On June 2, 2018, Block.one released the EOSIO 1.0 version of the blockchain protocol software for running the EOS network. With June 1 this year approaching, on the first anniversary of EOSIO 1.0, Block.one seems to be announcing major news. There are signs that the company is planning to launch an EOS-based social network.


As of press time, the EOS price was $7.97, a 24 hour increase of 14.75%. In the past three months, the price of EOS has risen by nearly 130%.

Block.one announced on March 25 this year that it will hold a press conference on June 1 to announce important news related to EOS. While guessing the news, Block.one chief technology officer BM (Daniel Larimer) seems to have hinted on social media long ago:


“What if you could make a more decentralized social media than Steemit? The future of social media is the tens of thousands of blockchains under independent governance that enable seamless user experience while inter-chain Communication coordination."

However, in general, most of BM's interesting comments (that is, comments that may be relevant to the press) are published on Telegram:

March 4th: An open road map will reveal what we have done in the past and in the future. The date is already set…

March 13: When the time is right, marketing will go beyond everything in the world of cryptocurrencies. But before you enter this market, you need an access strategy that attracts users and services and retains them.

March 25th: June will witness the biggest news since the release of EOSIO.

March 28: Trump's consultants know Block.one, everyone in Washington wants to talk to us.

March 28th: ​​We will not sell data to advertisers.

March 28: We don't collect data like Facebook. In addition, Block.one has been awarded the MEOS trademark. The use of the trademark is as follows:

"Provides temporary and non-downloadable web and mobile application software for virtual communities, social networks, photo sharing, electronic media sharing, and encryption or other secure messaging and media delivery; computer services that create online virtual communities for users, Organize groups and events, participate in discussions, and participate in social, business, and community networks; host an interactive website that allows users to create profiles and participate in social networking in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies…"

Yesterday (May 27), the EOS node "EOS New York" revealed another clue on Twitter: Block.one just purchased a RAM worth 3.3 million EOS.


The above clues, along with other speculations we have heard, seem to indicate that Block.one may plan to announce a few things on June 1:

– specific development routes;

– EOSIO 2.0;

– EOS-based social network (ie EOS DApp), each user has a free EOS account, which makes it easier for users to log in, and perhaps there are some free EOS tokens for them to use the app.

The above content is just speculation. If you are really interested in the development of EOS, the June 1 release will be worthy of attention. Babbitt will also participate in this conference and will be the first to reveal it.