Tens of millions of EOS have been unlocked, and the price of the currency has not fallen, but what is it?

Around the early morning of May 28, EOS project Block.one (hereinafter referred to as B1) unlocked 9.8 million EOS, close to 10 million. The original market circulation increased, which will lead to serious EOS selling pressure and price decline. Played a glove road, so that the price rose instead. As of the deadline for publication, the EOS price rose from around $6.4 to around $8 in 24 hours, an increase of about 25%, and the EOS ecology experienced a short-lived boom.

B1 small routine

After unlocking nearly 10 million EOSs in B1, in order to avoid causing panic in the market, a small routine was adopted, which is to use the unlocked EOS to allocate 3.3 million EOS to purchase RAM in the EOS network (transfer, smart contract operation, etc.) Resources), causing RAM to skyrocket by more than 200%, while B1 is also ranked first in the RAM resource rankings.

200% of the shock increase, but also stimulated the price of EOS itself, EOS also rose about 25% in the day, B1's small routine can be described as smooth.

Of course, not only these, we know that EOS's REX (Defi Decentralized Finance) is also developing well, and the mortgage funds are also increasing day by day, but the income is small, and part of REX's revenue is the procedure for trading RAM. Fees, while B1's 3.3 million EOS huge amount of RAM to pay, directly contributed 16500 EOS (about 130,000 US dollars) to REX, so that REX earnings also skyrocketed.

At this point, RAM skyrocketed, EOS currency prices soared, REX earnings soared, B1's routines gave EOS ecology a short-lived boom.

Social applications become the biggest benefit

In fact, the most fundamental reason for EOS's short-term prosperity is from the good news in June. June is the first anniversary of the EOS main online line. BM has revealed it in the telegraph group more than once. In June, there will be big profits through BM. The remarks and the public meeting of B1, we roughly sort out the possible benefits in June.

1. Publish the social application MEOS

2. Accelerate large-scale application cases in real life, for example, may announce special cooperation with some large institutions or government agencies, and some new top talents join the team.

3. Major updates to the EOSIO 2.0 release, such as a more convenient user importing the underlying design system

4. Publish wallet, biometric and Unique ID related code

5. Release the road map for future development

6. EOS-based stable currency system

7. UBI (National Welfare, formerly known as URI, the same meaning)

8. Some guesses about the use of 10 million unlock tokens: for free account creation, voting, destruction, etc.

9. Supports BTC and ETH's heterogeneous communication, and cross-chain communication development roadmap between EOS sidechains

10. B1 may have new blockchain projects in parallel

The most popular voice is the release of the social application MEOS, which can be sneaked into. The EOS June conference venue was chosen in Washington, and BB (B1 CEO) and BM recently published some political-related ideas on Twitter. Even Aite Trump.

In addition, people in the EOS ecosystem include Eves Nation founder Yves La Rose, EOS New York founder Kevin Rose, EOSphere co-founder Ross Dold, EOS sw/eden Chinese community leader aLex, Attic Lab core Member Tanish, founder of EOS Silicon Valley Bo and co-founder Josh Kauffman of EOS Canada, both expressed the possibility of releasing social applications MEOS.

The release is good, the price of the currency is not satisfactory.

As the EOS project party B1, it has purchased 3.3 million EOS RAM at one time, becoming the richest “land merchant” of EOS network resources, with a total of nearly 32G of memory, accounting for nearly 30% of EOS's entire network memory, which may mean EOS network. This may increase the largest DAPP application to date, which is also a side-by-side demonstration of the big news that will be released in June.

And this kind of application that needs to use huge amount of RAM is not a social application, but can social applications really rise on the EOS network? I am afraid I have to ask a question mark!

We all know that the current social software communication is free, and if the communication in the EOS network needs to consume the resources of the network, it means that the communication needs to be paid. It is hard to think that the daily communication actually needs to pay for participation, if only In terms of normal communication, this kind of social application may be a bit sloppy, and there are fewer people to adapt, which means that the threshold for the most direct users.

The good news has been released before June, but the good after the arrival is not satisfactory. So for the price of the currency, it can be imagined that it is fatal at least for a short time. If it is really good, then don't worry about it.

Of course, this kind of social dapp may be far stronger than the function we want, or it is not a good one at all, but the press conference on June 2 is approaching, and it doesn’t make much sense to guess it. Let’s wait and see. Then, once the benefits are not enough, I am afraid that we must choose to avoid risks!

Author 丨莱道君

Source 丨莱道 blockchain (laidaoblockchain)