German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority: Do not understand the network events or market manipulation behavior of the encrypted trading platform

According to a press release issued on May 28th, German financial regulators did not understand the “network events” or market manipulations that occurred on the country's encrypted trading platform. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) responded to the issue of cyberattack information in the country's central party, the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP), involving fraudulent, money laundering and market manipulation of encrypted assets. According to BaFin, fraud involving cryptographic assets is not reported separately in police crime statistics. In addition to public events, the federal government does not have information about cryptocurrency and ICO (ICO in Germany or the European Union). The agency also noted that the Federal Criminal Police Department is aware of investigations and convictions related to money laundering, in which illegal bitcoin income from dark drug trafficking is money laundered through bank accounts, or money laundering services for illegal bitcoin revenues obtained from drug trafficking on the dark. .