Report: The BTC value held by the "company" size address when the BTC reached 8K US dollars was 6 billion US dollars higher than last August.

According to Diar's latest report, when Bitcoin prices reached $8,000 in August last year, the 1K-10K bitcoin address (the “company” size address) held less than 20% of the circulation supply, but now Bitcoin is again It reached $8,000, while at the same time the same position-size address had more than 26% of the bitcoin circulation supply, valued at $360 billion, which means that there was a sharp accumulation of nearly 7% in less than a year. As of now, the value of Bitcoin held by the “company” size address is $6 billion higher than when Bitcoin reached $8,000 in August last year (excluding Coinbase positions), and most addresses have been active for the past three months. . In addition, since December 2018, in just six months, the "company" size of the bitcoin address has increased by more than 1.2 million bitcoins. Since the beginning of 2018, bitcoin holdings (mainly exchanges) held by major addresses accounted for only 16% of the liquidity, while at the peak it accounted for 21%.