During the year, six listed companies were continuously “named” because of the “blockchain” supervision letter.

On the evening of May 27th, the listed company Ceris issued an announcement to disclose the supervision letter issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, requesting it to make additional disclosures on the recent blockchain business cooperation matters. The exchange is particularly concerned and cautious about the blockchain technology business where the outlook is not clear.

According to the reporter, this year, six listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have issued regulatory letters for the blockchain business, except for Selis, Hengshun Zhongsheng, Shenzhen Datong, Anne, Monternet, and accurate information. On the list. Among them, in recent days, Shenzhen Datong has been repeatedly inquired about the blockchain technology, focusing on the relationship between the Shenzhen-Taiwan blockchain technology and the industrial cannabis business.

It is worth noting that only the accurate information in the listed companies clearly indicates that the blockchain technology brings real income. At present, listed companies have strong capital, and the layout blockchain technology has natural advantages. However, most of them face difficulties in landing technology and zero income. In this regard, Xiang Meng, executive director of Xiangxi Capital, told the Securities Daily that many listed companies do not have a clear blockchain strategy, and they lack professional blockchain teams. It is difficult to provide clear blockchain technology routes or solutions. The choice has made landing a major problem.

Shenzhen Datong letter of reply

Suspected overdue for many days

A few days ago, the violent anti-law deep Datong caused widespread heated discussion. Its barbaric acts attracted a condemnation in the market. Investors also voted with their feet. Shenzhen Datong has been down for three consecutive days, and the stock price has fallen to less than 9 yuan per share.

The reporter observed that the “blockchain + industrial cannabis” business of Shenzhen Datong was in the regulatory inquiry, and the relevant reply seemed to have been overdue for many days.

On the afternoon of May 22, Shenzhen Datong issued an announcement to disclose the letter of concern issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The letter of concern focused on the industrial cannabis cooperation between Shenzhen Dashi and the Hanma Group, and focused on five questions, one of which is whether it is Shenzhen Datong. Have the technical strength to engage in industrial cannabis business (ie blockchain technology). The exchange said: "The company has recently issued announcements concerning industrial cannabis and related fields, and they have cooperated with different counterparties. Please indicate whether the company truly has the technical reserves related to industrial cannabis business and the corresponding conditions for development. The situation of industrial cannabis hype concept."

At the same time, the regulatory requirements Shendatong "to submit the relevant explanatory materials to our department before May 24, involving information disclosure, please fulfill the disclosure obligations in a timely manner, involving entering new business areas, please fully inform investors of the relevant risks."

The reporter found that as of the date of publication, four days have elapsed since the 24th, and Shenzhen Datong has not issued a reply announcement.

Last month, the regulator also issued a letter of concern asking about the industrial cannabis project of Shendatong and another company and the blockchain technology involved. In addition, the company did not mention the main business when introducing the company information in the cooperation announcement. Instead, it emphasized that “there is a wealth of technical accumulation and experience in the development and application of blockchain technology” and asked for an explanation.

As a listed company with minerals as its main source of income, Shenzhen University has frequently crossed the border in recent years. Last year, it made a big push into the blockchain, and this year it laid out industrial cannabis on the basis of blockchain. It is no wonder that Shenzhen Datong has always caused concern about its business areas.

Does Shenzhen Datong have the blockchain technology level for industrial cannabis business? It needs to be tested by its response to the exchange's enquiry and the performance of the market.

However, judging from the reporter's understanding, the blockchain business of listed companies is often a small thunderstorm, and it is very limited to truly land projects and bring real income.

6 companies receive supervision letters

Only one income is less than 2 million yuan

According to the reporter, this year, six listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have issued regulatory letters for the blockchain business, including Ceres, Hengshun Zhongsheng, Shenzhen Datong, Anne, Monternet, and accurate information.

It is not unreasonable for the exchange to be so cautious about the “blockchain”. In fact, in the first half of last year, listed companies that issued announcements to enter the blockchain generally experienced a round of stock price rises after the announcement. However, the blockchain is in the early stage of development, and there is still a long way to go in large-scale practical applications. Subsequently, the stock prices of a number of companies fell back.

On the whole, the supervisory department's inquiries about blockchain technology mainly focus on the operating income of the blockchain technology of listed companies and the impact on the main business. According to the response of listed companies, in the layout blockchain technology, most listed companies are in the initial stage of exploration, and no revenue has been generated. For example, Shenzhen Datong said that “the company has not yet generated relevant income in the application of the Datong chain, because its social effect is significantly greater than economic benefits, there is still uncertainty in the future profitability.” Mengwang Group believes that “the company’s blockchain technology research and development is still In progress, it will gradually be put into commercial use, and there may be risks of product development or commercialization that are not up to expectations.” Anne said that “the whole family technology is one of the implementation companies of the company’s fundraising projects. As of now, the income is less, the future For a period of time, it will still be under construction, and there will be greater uncertainty as to whether the business revenue will increase and its impact on the company's performance.

Accurate information is the only listed company that brings revenue to the only clear blockchain technology. Accurate information indicates that the blockchain business did not realize sales revenue in the stage of R&D and market development in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, it signed a payment platform based on blockchain technology with China Railway Tower Co., Ltd., with a contractual value of 1.957 million. It has been fully fulfilled, and the income was confirmed in June 2018, and all the money has been refunded. At that time, accurate information said: "Because the 2018 annual report has not been announced, according to the 2018 performance report, the income accounted for about 0.41%, which has little effect on the annual performance."

In view of the fact that the blockchain technology of listed companies is difficult to realize actual income, Shen Meng, executive director of Xiangxi Capital, told the Securities Daily that many listed companies do not have a clear blockchain strategy and lack professional blockchain teams. It is difficult to provide a clear blockchain technology route or program choice, which makes landing a major problem.

The value of blockchain technology will be concentrated in the value increment brought by the landing industry scene. At present, there is still a long way to go. A blockchain veteran explains the reporter from a technical point of view. In the early stage of blockchain technology, some industries lacked application scenarios. The company explored pilot technology, which is a normal market selection behavior. The difficulty of application landing is also in line with the development process of the early technology industry; on the other hand, the blockchain technology level is limited. There is a curve in technology maturity. The performance of the public chain is difficult to support large-scale commercial applications. The breakthrough of technology breakthroughs will lead to the application of technology.

Source: Securities Daily

Author: Xing Meng

Original question: During the year, six listed companies “chained up” to receive supervision letters, and Shenzhen Datong was repeatedly “named” to reply to suspected overdue