The industry believes that: blockchain technology can be the key to the development of the industry

According to China News Network, the sixth "Beijing Trade Fair" opened on May 28 at the National Convention Center. Liu Quan, dean of the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out at the forum that although the blockchain technology has been widely optimistic for a long time, it is still widely used in social governance and the real economy. The concepts of “decentralization, distributed, autonomous, secure, and credible” advocated by blockchain technology have great social application value; the application of blockchain technology is worthy of in-depth discussion by technology companies and academic institutions; The blockchain technology is concise, easy to use, and can be landed, which is the key to the development of the industry. Cui Zhiru, secretary-general of the China Software Industry Association Blockchain Branch, said that blockchain technology has the technical characteristics to solve life-related trust. The key lies in whether blockchain technology can be combined with specific industry application scenarios and actual business. And whether the government can provide a carrier that is easy to use and operate widely, so that the application of blockchain technology can become a reality.