Today's market: the leading sideways, shorts are coming?

European and American stock markets fell on Tuesday, US stocks opened higher and lower, the Dow closed down nearly 240 points, the dollar rose, the 10-year US bond yields fell nearly 7 basis points, hitting a new low in October 2017, US 10-year bond yields The rate dropped to 2.26%, a 19-month low. Interest rate inversions are often seen as an important sign of a recession. Historically, since the 1980 Volckle impact, the upside has appeared three times, respectively: January 25, 1989 – October 13, 1989, corresponding to the 90/91 crisis, the US real GDP growth rate in 1991 Negative values ​​were recorded between the quarter and the third quarter. March 20, 2000 – January 2, 2001, corresponding to the Internet crisis. June 6, 2006 – August 8, 2007, corresponding to the subprime mortgage crisis.

Concerns about the prospects for world economic growth are not limited to trade wars, but also signals of various economic weaknesses. In the context of economic downturn, central banks are likely to use quantitative easing again to deal with the current dilemma, for some fragile For the country, holding a cryptocurrency may be a good choice.


BTC continues to oscillate. Currently, the 1-hour level of macd has returned to the zero-axis. Observe whether the target's long-term bulls can launch the offensive again, and once again pull out the heavy-weight positive line to actively intervene. Breaking through $8,900 can be bullished to around $9,200. Good defense, assuming that the bulls are not able to organize an effective offense, we believe that a break below $8,600 requires a lightening. You can continue to pay attention to some of the mainstream targets that have not yet reached a new high.


ETH follows the market sideways volatility, we believe that around 260 US dollars is an ideal point to judge the strength and weakness, standing above 260 US dollars, we are more concerned about the maintenance trend of the target, the pressure near 280 US dollars is relatively strong, the next A target is around $300. If you break below $260, you need to lighten up. There is a $245 support below.


At 7:16 Beijing time, the Ripple managed wallet transferred 200 million XRPs to the OTC trading wallet (the address beginning with rBg2F), which was worth about $89.28 million. Yesterday, the XRP rose against the trend and has already come to the vicinity of the former high. We thought that the target would go a decent market, but we saw that the supply of the target has been increasing, which is extremely adverse effect on the rebound. At around $0.50, it effectively fell below the 5 antennas.


BCH has not yet made a directional choice. The macd indicator now has a tendency to open the mouth of the duck. The target has already stood at $425. We think the target may rise to around $506, but it may also fail. If the target falls below 5 Antenna, macd indicator again dead fork will further look back at the neckline of M head near 350 dollars, fell below that point to wait and see.


EOS continues to maintain shock consolidation today. The moving averages are long, the strong features are obvious, the macd indicator is diverging upwards, and the 5 antennas are moving up quickly. We believe that the next target of the target is around $9.4, but the premise is that it cannot fall below 5 antennas. If we have 5 antennas, we think we need to reduce the position and respond to it. If we fall below 7.3 dollars, we can leave the market.


LTC followed the market to see a slight decline. At present, the target is close to 5 antennas. Observe whether the target can stop falling and pull. If it falls below 5 antennas, it can moderately reduce the position and respond to the next step, and fall below the 85 US dollars to wait and see.


BNB has already fallen below 5 antennas, and 5 antennas have turned heads down. During the current round of the rise, BNB has never actually fallen below 5 antennas. We believe that at least the warehouse should be reduced. In addition, it should be noted that the current 5 The antenna has the risk of a dead-end 10 antenna, and the fast line of the macd indicator has also begun to turn head down, and it is necessary to be alert to the resonance drop of the target.

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