Celer responds to a 1% drop in Foundation tokens: operational errors, will open the coin contract code

In today's Telegraph AMA event, Celer responded to a rumor that a mistake was made to transfer funds to private investors, and a 1% Token was taken from the Foundation to make up for the mistake, saying it was a mistransfer caused by a communication failure. Prior to this, Celer Network official Medium issued a message saying that this is not a hacking behavior, the funds are all safe, the team will use the Foundation Reserve token to make up this part, which means that the total Celer supply has dropped by 1%. Dong Mo said in the telegram that it was an accident about the 1% token locked. To ensure separation of security and information isolation, Celer's finance team and wallet custodial team are separate utandui. We use smart contracts to trade private equity investors. In the last coin fight, the smart contract wrote a wrong CELR Token address because of a communication problem at the token address. The finance team mistakenly entered the CELR token into the distribution contract.