Chang Hao: Assets have three dimensions: trustworthiness, interchangeability and severability

Babbitt founder Chang Hao published an article today "Bystack Worldview (1): Three Dimensions of Assets." In the article, Chang Yu said that in Bystack's worldview, assets have three dimensions: Trustworthiness, Fungibility, and Severability. Trustworthiness is like the first cut. Divide assets into chain assets and chain assets. Interchangeability is like cutting the second knife, dividing assets into homogeneous assets and non-homogenous assets. Separability is like cutting the third knife. To classify homogeneous assets into bit assets (divisible, interchangeable) and quantum assets (indivisible, interchangeable), and to classify non-homogenous assets into atomic assets (divisible, non-interchangeable) and quark assets ( Inseparable, not interchangeable. For the full text, please click on the link