5 months soared about 160%, bitcoin this year's madness or because of these 5 points

Since the beginning of 2019, the price of Bitcoin has been “all the way to the north”. Since the beginning of the year, it has risen from 3,300 US dollars per piece to the current 8700 US dollars per piece. In just five months, the increase rate is as high as 160%, which has regained the bear market for a whole year last year. The full decline in the last seven months. The analysis of the Scallion Blockchain pointed out that Bitcoin’s madness this year is due to these five points: 1. In February of this year, Grin and Beam were officially released based on a new privacy protection agreement called MimbleWimble. With Li Qiwei's announcement of the plan to introduce the MimbleWimble privacy agreement in the Litecoin upgrade, the price of Litecoin has risen sharply; 2. The currency has restarted the Launchpad crowdfunding platform, and the platform currency BNB has gone out of a wave of rises, and the concept of IEO has sprung up; 3, Facebook Traditional giants such as Samsung and telecom giant AT&T are showing interest in the fast-growing digital currency ecology. 4. The market still has certain expectations for bitcoin ETFs such as VanEck / SolidX that have been postponed many times; The lightning network, which appears to be able to provide a more reliable payment solution for Bitcoin, maintains a high-speed growth momentum and provides a very direct boost to Bitcoin's further strength.