The first “blockchain+vaccine” project in Guangdong Province started in Chancheng


The “blockchain+vaccine safety management platform” is expected to be put into use next year, and citizens can make appointments via mobile phone “appointment appointment”. Photo courtesy

On May 29th, Chancheng District of Foshan City launched the first “blockchain+vaccine” project in the province to build a “blockchain+vaccine safety management platform”. It is expected that after the platform is put into use next year, the circulation of the vaccine will be visualized and regulated to make the vaccine safer. The public can also make inquiries and real-time inquiries through the mobile phone "hands on the palm" to achieve "less waiting" and "less errands."

According to reports, the project is the first innovative attempt to integrate blockchain technology with vaccine and vaccination management in the health sector. After successfully exploring innovative applications such as “blockchain+vision”, “blockchain+shared community”, Chancheng uses “blockchain+vaccine” to accelerate the application of blockchain technology in public services.

The whole process of vaccine circulation vaccination can be traced back to the source.

“The 'blockchain+vaccine' project plays an important role in accelerating the deep integration of medical health and the Internet, innovating service forms, and improving service efficiency,” said Liu Feihu, member of the Standing Committee of the Chancheng District Committee.

According to the National Regulations on the Administration of Vaccine Circulation and Vaccination, vaccines must be refrigerated, stored and transported throughout the process. At present, there are 47 vaccination and inoculation points in Chancheng District. The refrigerators in these inoculation sites and the cold chain equipment in all the links in the district have all implemented regular temperature monitoring and recording. However, the temperature monitoring of each cold chain equipment is not connected, and the refrigerator monitoring The temperature also needs to be manually recorded and reported. After the completion of the “blockchain+vaccine safety management platform”, this “pain point” can be solved, and 24-hour real-time network monitoring of the vaccine cold chain can be realized to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

“Chancheng will strengthen the supervision of vaccines, with the vaccine traceability code as the core, and realize the intelligent and visual supervision of the vaccine circulation process, storage and transportation environment and inoculation process.” Chancheng District Health and Health Bureau Director Du Hong said.

According to reports, the platform uses blockchain technology to encrypt the vaccine manufacturer, circulation process, cold chain storage and inoculation records, and the entire process from production delivery to inoculation records is in block + chain record. Under the realization of responsibility, the management is smarter and more efficient, and can also achieve the goal of universal participation in supervision.

Through the construction of the “blockchain+vaccine” project, Chancheng will build a vaccine from procurement, transportation, warehousing, inoculation to post-vaccination health care tracking and tracing, and enhance the freshness of natural person “data space” data, through long-term The situation of the breeder is tracked and cared for, providing scientific basis and data support for the government to formulate vaccine management and disease prevention and control policies.

In addition to using blockchain technology to strengthen the regulation of vaccines, the project will also launch a series of convenience measures.

According to the person in charge of the Chancheng District CDC, the annual dose of the first-class vaccine in Chancheng City is about 400,000, and the inoculation amount of the second-class vaccine is about 350,000. The huge amount of inoculum not only puts work pressure on the medical staff, but the public also needs to wait for vaccination at the inoculation point.

It is expected that after the platform is launched on the early next year, the masses can grasp the vaccination time in advance through the mobile terminal, and realize the appointment vaccination, which greatly shortens the waiting time on the spot. Through the “hands on the palm”, you can also check the vaccine of yourself and your child in real time. And vaccination information, the source of each vaccination, circulation, etc. can be timely grasped.

The project also realizes the sharing of the plan immunization verification information through the city's student health management information system, so that parents no longer need to go to the vaccination clinics to issue a paper check and verification every time the school starts, and the mobile phone can complete the inspection. Reduce errands.

The public service field frequently uses Chancheng to solve the "pain point" for the people's livelihood with innovative technology.

The “Blockchain+Vaccine” project is the first innovative attempt to integrate blockchain technology with vaccine and vaccination management in the health sector of the province. It is also the 14th project of Chancheng in exploring the application of blockchain technology.

In June 2017, Chancheng District officially launched the “Smart City” program, becoming the first county in the country to explore the application of blockchain government. In recent years, in addition to the government service, Chancheng has successively launched the innovative application results of blockchains such as “zero errands”, “blockchain+community correction”, and continuously applied blockchain technology to public services, either nationwide or Within the province, the first to explore a variety of "blockchain +" public service applications.

Among them, the concept of Chancheng is to seek reforms and to solve problems in people's livelihood. For example, in the “blockchain + vision” public service project, the problem of the near-sight rate of children and adolescents in the area facing the city of Chancheng is becoming more serious. Using blockchain hotspot technology to help the public solve the pain points of children's vision loss; in the "blockchain + shared community" application, Chancheng faces the pain of the indifferent relationship of modern community, using blockchain, big data and other information Means to create a "shared community" and build a new platform for party building services so that the masses can gain more sense of gain.

As the pioneering area of ​​information construction, Chancheng District has been thinking about how to solve the pain points of vaccine supervision and public vaccination, so as to be safer and more convenient.

The launch of the “blockchain+vaccine” project, on the one hand, directly confronts the pain point of vaccine supervision in Chancheng District, and realizes 24-hour video surveillance of the cold chain, which can track the whole process of production and use of traceable vaccine; on the other hand, Chancheng uses this The project can provide reservations, information inquiry and other conveniences for citizens' vaccination. To a certain extent, it will relieve the public from waiting and running errands.

Xia Zhuhai, a member of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance and a visiting professor at Anhui University, believes that blockchain technology can greatly improve the security and confidentiality of data by adopting technologies such as distributed storage, peer-to-peer networking, cryptography and consensus mechanisms. Tampering and traceability can ensure the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of vaccines, and use information technology to safely escort vaccines. Through the construction of “blockchain+vaccine safety management platform”, Chancheng upgrades its services by means of informationization, and promotes and standardizes the safety monitoring of vaccination. At the same time, the legal effect of the block deposit will force the various links of the vaccine and the responsible person to self-regulate and self-discipline.

Liu Feihu said that the project is a key link in the construction of “Zhixin City” and “Healthy Chancheng” in Chancheng. The project has innovative significance in promoting the development of “Internet + medical health”. Through the construction of “blockchain+vaccine safety management platform”, the government, hospitals, citizens and other social parties can benefit.

Reporter Li Xiaoli

Source: Nanfang Daily