EOS "preheating" started, Block.One is really expected, or is it just a hype?

“We are excited about '#B1 June', but encourage everyone to be realistic about their expectations – there are some unrealistic rumors circulating now. The June meeting is big news for some, and maybe for others No. There is no heavy cooperation between Facebook, Apple or Google. There is no airdrop. Keep calm and continue to create."

EOS development company Block.one (B1) CEO and co-founder Brendan Blumer (BB) gave the EOS expectant a shot in advance. Shortly before this, Block.one official Twitter posted a tweet saying:

"This weekend, a community, a place #B1 June – Block.one (@block_one) May 28, 2019"

“Like all companies, we have the right to add cool landscaping around simple information to convey the date and place of an exciting event. When I see this excitement leads to the wrong message, I Decided to make a statement. We tried our best, but everyone wants something different," BB said.

This is not hype, just… business operations. This may be a potential explanation for this kind of collaborative speculation for EOS that started a few days ago:

“Block.one redeemed 9,800,000 previously mortgaged EOS. #B1June is coming soon. — CRypto Media (@joel_aldrich) May 25, 2019”

Then "B1 purchased a large amount of RAM on the EOS main network, which generated a 16K+ fee and paid it to the REX holder. The purchase of other RAM has caused the revenue of the past 24 hours to exceed all the benefits since REX went online."

Wait, that's too boring. This news will not attract our attention. This talent:

“Heavy news: B1 has used its official account to purchase 3,300,000 EOS (worth $25 million) worth of RAM on the EOS main website. #B1June is starting to heat up.”

B1 played the big league's stock repurchase trick, starting with the $25 million EOS? Oh, they just switched EOS to RAM (a bit like Ethereum's gas)? The big league's stuff belongs only to their wealthy SEC's shareholders?

"I want to clarify. Galaxy is still a shareholder of @block_one_, we hold a lot of EOS tokens, we are very convinced that the leaders of @BrendanBlumer and @bytemaster7 are very excited about the June statement. Using these profits from B1 Rebalancing our portfolio. – Michael Novogratz (@novogratz), founder of Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency fund, May 23, 2019

Yes, Galaxy has made some profit from the stock repurchase made by B1. There is nothing to look at here. In any case, it is only $71 million, but Galaxy's investment income has reached 123%.

Go back to the topic of EOS hype. EOS valued at $25 million can purchase 21 million EOS accounts (RAM is required to create an EOS account). This is very huge! We all say that the SEC licensing process is cumbersome. Imagine, as a startup, you spent $25 million, but have the opportunity to have 21 million incredible accounts that you want to dream.

Yes, we should be real nodes, but another statement issued for a single statement usually doesn't bring much fun.

However, they apparently burned 34 million eos. The figure is now quite impressive, about $240 million, but this is only 3% of total supply because they want to reduce inflation from 4% (50 million eos) to 1%.

Screenshot 2019-05-29 PM 8.37.16

It is unclear whether this is a cyclical supply, with a total supply of 1 billion, but 100 million of which are not flowing.

Obviously, B1 thinks they will post a big (and probably not very big) announcement on June 1.

If B1's action in June is just a simple meeting, we will laugh at it. If not, we will even be a little surprised, but it is speculated that B1 may release a new "Facebook" social tool. We think it's just a meeting, but some people think that B1 will release some bitcoin-related things at this meeting.

Haha, they are very clear about keeping distance from Bitcoin and making something different. There are also people who criticize B1 for thinking that as a development company behind EOS, B1 publishes any version of its own dapp or service, which violates the interests of everyone.

Despite this, this has caught our attention, and we sincerely wish them all the best, as long as they really want to make something useful.

(B1) There is so much money. If you don't try it, it doesn't make sense. So we will remain silent, as some people say, the season of competing coins may have begun. If so, we stand with Musk (SpaceX founder Yilong Musk has claimed to be the CEO of the dog coin).