Today's market: Bitcoin is high and volatile, it is recommended to avoid risks


BTC: After failing to hit the 9000 knife mark the day before yesterday, BTC launched a high-level shock consolidation at the daily level. The resistance level was 9000 knives and the support level was 8,500 knives. Currently, it is around 8700 knives. Technical side MACD double line tends to entangle, the amount can shrink, KDJ three lines cross in the vicinity of the upper rail, indicating that the wait-and-see mood is relatively strong, both long and short are not willing to take the lead, the overall trend continues to see more, it is recommended to wait and see, waiting for a clear opportunity .


ETH: Affected by the high-speed shock of 9000 knives in the impact of the market, ETH touched the front 280 to the back and stepped back, followed by the market volatility, supporting 265 knives and 280 knives. Technical MACD double-line breaks smoothly and tends to bond, the amount can shrink, KDJ three-line back and forth interspersed in the middle track, which shows that ETH players wait and see more, overall ETH has stepped out of the 240-260 chip-intensive area, the bullish trend is still not Change, you can open positions on dips and control positions.


EOS: Affected by the high market and other mainstream currency volatility and profit-taking shipments, EOS broke through 8 knives and hit a new high in the year and did not stand 8 knives. The technical side MACD continues to operate healthily, the sales volume has been enlarged, and the KD double line is interspersed with the middle track. There are various signs that the turnover rate is high here, and the willingness of multiple parties is obvious.


LTC: LTC's recent trend is quite strong. After breaking the key resistance of 100 knives, it touched the position of 122 knives and hit a new high for one year. It was affected by the high market and other mainstream currencies. The LTC has a small back step and is currently oscillating above the 110 knife. On the technical indicators, the MACD double-line gold fork continues to operate healthily. The KDJ three-line is interspersed around the middle rail. The technical indicators show that LTC has more chips exchange here, but the price is still relatively firm and continues to be seen.

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Source: Public Number\Baiyi District Fast Chain